First trimming=disaster

I have watched video after video, and I still think mine look like shit. Can someone please post a picture of a wet trimmed bud? This is my first time. I had to harvest this one early due to some bud rot.

Also, saving my trim. Do I use it right then, or do I let it dry also?

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No pro at it by any means, but here is one of mine wet trimmed. Bit of a personal thing but since we’re growing for our own consumption I didn’t trim very tight/ for looks…

I did another little trim after drying. This was wet.


You can dry trim and touch up afterwords but if u get a pointy pair of scissors u can get right in there and clip the leaves off from the stem. If its for your consumption you can leaves it like that. More trichromes.


Here’s some of my fresh wet trimmed buds


It’s for me, so it doesn’t matter if I leave the sugar leaves on? That’s good to know. Thanks for the great pics, I guess I’m not too far off, for the first time.

I’m still not sure if I’m supposed to dry the trimmings, decarb them and go ahead and cook with them.:woman_shrugging:t2:


Many options for the trimmed sugar leaves. Some people decarb and infuse in butter, oil, etc. Some make bubble hash, etc… You can also put them in a ziploc and freeze until you decide what you want to do.

The trimmed fan leaves will have little to no THC, I used mine to make some pesto and similar, think of them as supergreens if you want to consume.

Regarding the trimmed sugar leaves, personally I grabbed a trim bin before harvest and left the trimmed sugar leaves in there to dry then crushed / brushed them around on the trim bin screen to collect the kief. Hoping after the next harvest to have enough to have a go at making a temple ball…:slight_smile:

The trim bin may seem pricey for a few pieces of plastic and some screen, but it made the process very clean and allowed me to collect a lot of kief that would have otherwise been lost.

Many ways to skin a cat as they say.


Thanks so much for the info. I have a tray, love it!

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It comes down to personal preference. First time trimming I spent hours and cramped hands to make buds picture perfect.

Now it is cursory trim. I compost the fan leaves. Anything with “sugar” is saved for later. I heard that leaving sugar leaves on causes a rougher smoke. I don’t smoke but if anyone in my family complains I’ll just give them a pair of trimmers. None of them had to hit a dispensary since my first harvest saving $$$.


Amnesia haze auto. I think this is the last time I wet trimmed.

I take terrible bud pictures

I changed to dry trimming over a trim tray. It is much faster. One draw back if you like to collect fresh trim and sugar leaves for concentrates, butter what ever, I at least, don’t end up with much worth salvaging. I card it over the screen and collect the trichomes then put it in the garden compost.
This is what I have after rough wet trim, which is basically stripping off the leaves with stems and some of the larger leaves in the bud I can easily get to. If I do a really fast job the first time, I may come back mid dry and touch them up. Usually it isn’t necessary.

Some buds before they go into jars to cure