First tricome pics White Widow Average?


Hey Growers, hope your day’s been good, I jysted wanted to share my first tricome pics from my first grow, these are White Widow fem 20 days in flower, was hoping to get some opinions on the amount if tricome look average for this strain?
I’m thinking if stressing them in the last 2 wks for increased tricome production, has anyone tried that?
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The pistils look nice and the trichomes are coming in. They look like they are doing well.

There are several ways to induce stress into the plant to increase trichome production. Search on this site for articles about increasing THC Content and trichome production. You can split the stalk and that has been used here by a LOT of growers in the last few months.


@Randy1966, it looks like things are progressing very nicely for you, indeed. It’s hard to tell from these pictures, especially with the colored lights on, but there seem to be plenty of trichomes developing.

As far as stressing the plants to encourage more THC production, I’m only in the early stages of my first grow, and am inclined to do this just before harvest only. But @merlin44, @Covertgrower, @elheffe702, @dbrn32, @Justgrowin, @raustin have some experience with this… with a little harvest stress, at least. Perhaps they can offer you a word. Good luck to you!!


Hey @Randy1966 congratulations on your first grow. They look good for 20 days in, they’ll be packing on more trichomes in the next additional 6 weeks. I have no experience with the stem splitting, but others swear by it.
Thanks for the tag @WonkaMan


I drill my stems about 10 days before harvest. I stop nutes at the same time and start flushing. 3 days before the chop I give her an ice bath and then leave her in the dark period for 48 to 72 hrs and chop her in the dark.

Good luck. If u need help when u get there tag away.


This is the process that I used on my first harvest, learned it from @Justgrowin and others . I actually wasn’t able to follow this process precisely due to some issues with my plants, put was close. Good results but nothing to compare it to, @Randy1966.
Hey, thanks for the tag @WonkaMan.


Looking good! I do pretty much the same thing as @Justgrowin. I stop all nutes two weeks prior, and give only water, I will also do the first flush. I also drill the stem because it’s easier than splitting, and less dangerous, about one week prior to harvest. Then it’s another flush one week before, and a 48 hour dark period right before harvest.


Appreciate the tag, but I haven’t done any of these things. I’ve always found using enough sulfur to create plenty of resin.


Hey TxGrowman , sorry so long getting back to your response, had a stomach bug last CPL days, back in the swing now, thanks for looking at these, I’m so happy with this grow so far…these sites and help from other growers has been invaluable!
I’ve picked a round a little on increasing tri comes and splitting or drilling the last week seems to be really productive and I’m gonna give it a try.
Happy growing !


Lookin good happy growing buddy!!


Thx fir stopping by raustin , from everything I’ve been reading you give great advice and it’s appreciated!,
Right now things seem to be moving in the right direction, fingers crossed, I got lazy for a cpl weeks, they got what they needed but I wasn’t reading on them, trying to bulk up my flower knowledge, this will make a solid 4 wks of flower and it dawned on me I’m almost done!! Wow been 98 days since sprouting, already thinking of the next grow lol
Take it easy and happy growing!


Thanks Growit!!


I’ll add that to my reading list dbrn32 sulfur for increased tricomes!
Happy growing!


Her Just grown thanks for sharing, sounds like a good process, though I need to read up on this ice bath thing , I’ve seen it mentioned several times, I’ve got to get one of those jewelry glass things lol. But I’m getting excited watching these buds forming.
Happy growing!


It’s nothing new. You’ve seen people use some Epsom salts during ripening right? Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate.


Hey dbrn32, this is my first grow and it’s all new to me, but I am familiar with Epsom salt for sore muscles…I’ll have to read the sience behind it to understand how it works on cannabis. Very interesting I’ll say.
Happy growing!


That’s the same stuff.