First timmer when to induce flowering

Hi I’m using a Mars Hydro sp 3000 led, its at 75% and 22 inched from the bottom of the plants.
I’m entering week 6 of Veg, and still con not see the sex of the plants. I recall reading that the sex will only be reveled during flowing stage. Is that correct.
I’m growing 3 Durban Poison plants and am getting close to flowering.
I’m using Fox Farm soil and Nutrients for Bergman.

Question, when do I flip the switch to 12/12?

IMG_0105 (1)


Are you trying to fill the screen up?

No I’m not

I flipped mine yesterday at only 28 days. An experiment to see how soon I can get flower out of photos. Some here do start to finish on photos with 12/12 ligjts and get great results. Up to you really and how much room you have.

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You can start the flip pretty much after 3-4 weeks. Looks like you have a little room for large vegative plants. you can flip now but go thru and prepare for flower. Prune a little of the bud sites and maybe the lower 1/3 length of the plant.

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Some thyme and basil going there too? Nice. :+1:

It’s still a little small in my opinion, maybe let it get about the size of the pot. More roots, more fruits. It will happen pretty fast, another week or two I bet.

Generally after a good 6 weeks or so of veg they will start to show sex. Females will start to put out a few pre-flowers and the shoots will start to stagger the nodes in their growth as opposed to the symmetrical grow normally exhibited.
Even without the presence of pre-flowers the staggering is a sign of sexual maturity.

Most veg 6-8 weeks, some longer for a bigger yield.

Best of Luck to you and Welcome to the forum!!

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@Lynyrdsky I did that on my last grow. Started black and blue strain at 3 weeks and it shot up. The cola is big as a remote tv control. That would be a regular size comast remote. I know some have those big assed remote that has everthing, LOL

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