First Timmer? Need Advise

Purchased a 2000 W LED grow light, it has both a VEG & BLOOM switch. I only get 10 hrs of direct sun light so I have been using the LED to supplement 5 more hrs of light. I have used both veg and bloom lights on for this.
My question is should I turn the veg switch off during the bloom stage for 12 on 12 off???

Nope, you can leave them both on. Bloom switch just adds in more red that the flowers like

Thanks for the info!

During veg the plant wont use as much red but it does increase the intensity which the plant does use, so leave both on and let her grow. Welcome to the forum and if you want some ones attention Put @ in front of handle like @Stbishop. Happy grows!

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Appreciate the info, Iā€™m technically Challenged when it comes to technology.