First timers grow end of week 2 pics

Big Bud Auto Flowering, this is my first grow, I just built my shed into a grow room, I would appreciate any helpful advice from some of you growers who have been around a while. Thanks


Also I was wondering how much bud you guys think I should expect if my grow goes well and all four plants make it until the end? Thanks

Hard to say
Autos can bring anything from 1 oz to 9 oz per plant
Indoor it comes down to proper lighting and environment and nutrient regimine
A few people here are crankin those autos to some crazy yields

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Looking good. The only advice I can offer at this point is get in the habit of testing your water’s Ph every watering. With the big pots, keep an eye on how much water you’re giving them.

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look at the different between these pipics from April 8th and the pics I took today, they are really starting to grow nicely

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I just topped them, I wasn’t going to but said what the heck I am doing it lol, I topped all three plants that are 19 days old and I topped the little guy who is only 12 days old so its going to be like an experiment to see when is a better time to top an auto, week two or week three, I think the little guy is going to end up being the biggest plant at the end because I topped it so early, now we wait and see if I totally screwed myself or not hahaha fingers crossed lol

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I am ddefdefinitely gogoing to use smaller pots if I ever grow autos again lol, I have 30 regular seeds 20 pineapple crush and 10 skunk so its going to be a long time until I need to think about ordering seeds

updated photos