First timer, Wooded guerilla grow, bad light, Illinois

If you want to do just water look into Earth dust or Nature’s living soil. Both will do a pretty good job of getting you through a grow without adding too much for extra nutrients. If that’s the route you decide to go I can tag a few people that are growing that way right now…

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Well, I do not think I meant “just water”. I fully intend to be mixing something into the water. I havent decided on what exactly yet. More research to do. :slight_smile:

I know I saw a recommendation to avoid nutrients in my soil so that I can fully control what the girls eat. That makes the most sense to me.

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Going to chime in my 2 cents. I live below you in KY illegal to grow aswell. I don’t know the Illinois laws but for me I only do 4 plants at a time, 5 or more is a felony, I get caught with 4, few hundred $ fine and that’s it. So look up your state laws and my advice don’t be stupid about it. Beside the people on the forum there only a handful of people who know what I have going on. Best of luck


I am not to worried about the legal aspects of the grow. 1-5 plants at a time is nothing.

My primary worry is that it wont be worth the effort. I will screw things up. Or kill it outright. Or just miss an important detail. And then even if I get it all right, the seed i picked from ILGM sounds like a made up fairy tale with Indoor and Autoflower and still somehow a 17oz yield. I just dont see that happening. I am betting they screwed up its page.

What do you think is screwed up on the page?

The 17oz yield.

This simply cannot be right. This is an Autoflower and it is indoors.
“Indoor yields can average as high as 500 gr/m2 (or 17 ounces per square meter)”

I have not grown auto-flower seeds yet but I do get a pound or so from most of my plants (indoor). I know others that grow autos do very well with them. @repins12 and maybe @MattyBear


Something tells me this will be my only autoflower adventure. Just a hunch

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I think (without personal experience) that autos take a bit more skill to grow than photos.

Many folks swear by autos and some just prefer photos. I am going to try some autos that a buddy gifted me. His own crosses. Thx Gary!


If you want to control when and what the plants eat you might want to consider growing in coco coir. I would try to get an 80 inch tall tent. You may find that 60 inch puts you in a pinch for light clearance, even with 4x4x80 sometimes its really close

It’s not, when they started doing all of the information for the autoflowers they stole a lot of it from the photo. Description and some of it did not get added to that correctly. All of ilgm autoflowers say 4 to 6 oz per square meter and that is easily obtainable in doors. I’ve also grown the Super Lemon Haze and it is a very good choice. I pulled over 18 Oz off 4 plants on my last run.

I have only done autos but a newbie plan on doing photos when all my auto seeds are gone so I can harvest more and and have more control. And a square meter is 3ft x 3ft I think? So you could get 2 plants in that space so 17 not crazy, but would need optimal conditions . I averaged 5 oz on autos my first attend many many issues you maybe possible. I think ?

@Not2SureYet and @Nicky are also auto growers and do well with them :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


I already bought the tent. it is 3’x3’x6’. I am guessing that is just big enough for 1 plant a time. Hell, I dont know.

It sounds like I wont be able to get nearly as much as they advertised. they straight up lied. 17oz lol

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That’s usually from an outdoor plant grown in the ground or in large pots. Indoors is a different ballgame

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That is what I thought. But that is clearly not what they advertise on the page.

“Indoor growers typically enjoy a higher yield when harvesting Super Lemon Haze, especially if they provide plenty of light and the temperature stays stable. Indoor yields can average as high as 500 gr/m2 (or 17 ounces per square meter). Outdoors, these fast-flowering seeds average yields of just under 3 ounces possible per plant.”

That is exactly what they posted. And it is super disappointing because that is how i made the decision to purchase it.

They didn’t lie, top of the page says 4-6 oz / 3 by 3, but my 4 plants did not fill a 3 by 3 and like I said, produce 18 Oz

Stoned deer! I can see it now, they are kicked back laughing thier tails off while you look for your grow.


Actually dear love shrooms. We have tons of fly agaric and panther agaric mushrooms growing wild on my property and the deer love to get to them before we do. It’s listed as a poison mushroom but the only reason is because it is psychedelic. They also need to be processed a certain way before you eat them or they can make you sick. Dehydrating and making tea works best. Or so I’ve Been Told LOL

4 SLH autos in a 4x4 with plenty of room to spare.

The end result…
You can do it.:metal:

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