First timer with zero knowledge except what I've read here... any (good) advice welcomed


I recently had a manic episode and ordered a load of stuff from all around the world… I can’t send the stuff back so I may as well try and make the best of it, literally! Anyway, we are just shy of 2 weeks in and I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by all the info! I’d love to have a coach in this if there are any willing, knowledgeable folks out there with time to kill holding a baby’s hand and walking me through the next few months, I will be forever grateful, and while I can likely never repay you, I am sure you will be rewarded, and I will gladly pass anything I learn on to the next round of newbies! Below is my ticket thing!

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA: Gold Leaf fem (from ILGM of course)

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?: weird coco/soil combo that I mixed together

System type?: not sure what this means, 2’x2’x4’ topogrow tent thing

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? NA/NI

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: none to date

Indoor or Outdoor: in

Light system, size?: cheap clamp lights with cfl bulbs now, hps soon

Temps; Day, Night: don’t know exactly but home ac runs about 70, so give or take a few degrees

Humidity; Day, Night: don’t know this either…

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: No

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,: None

Co2; Yes, No: No

So there you have it. I learned a little just by filling that out. Mostly I learned that I still have a ton to learn!

3 days post germination

One week post sprout

So. There’s the extent of what I know! I think she may be getting “stretched” and I don’t want to ruin her. Is there anyone out there willing to take on such a project??? I hope to hear from just one knowledgeable, generous person willing to share what they know to help me out.
Thanks in advance!


I’m a new grower on my first grow as well. But I’ve been here long enough now to know who the best are that are willing to help, and all have proved themselves just from the quality of their grows, and the advice that they are always willing to share with others. Not to say that there are not MANY others on the board willing to do the same, and they will be here too, but this is just a few off the top of my head. Don’t worry @LawryP Here comes the Calvary!

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Lowering your light closer to the plant will help with the stretch.
How many CFL bulbs are you running and how many watts?
You will need a PH meter. VERY important to insure your watering your plant with the correct PHed water. Something like this.

You will need PH up/down to adjust the PH of your water.

You will need a Thermomitor/ Hydrometer to moniter your grow tent. Something like this.

You will be getting lots help from others as well.
Welcome to ILGM


:+1:thanks @Rugar89 very much for your response! I guess I will be ordering a few more gadgets and gizmos!
So, I read somewhere (god only knows) if you use composted soil you won’t need the chemicals. Any idea if this is true or not? I just bought a 40lb bag of cowshiz compost stuff and was going to transfer her into a much larger container full of that this coming Wednesday. If I still need the ph up&down I will get it. Also planning to get all that other as well, just have to spend a little every few days here and there so my wife doesn’t start adding stuff up and go ape sheet! I should have waited till I had everything but I just couldn’t! Now I am just hopeful that I haven’t got too far ahead of myself and mess her up while finishing supply gathering.
As for lighting right now there are 2 little crap cfl bulbs, not sure, just some of the highest watt I could get at home depot. They were only inches above the pot and she still reached way up there like that, hopefully maybe I can lay her over and do that thing that I also read about somewhere…:slight_smile: I am waiting for delivery of two e39-e27 bulb adaptors and then I will change to two 400watt hps bulbs. And then I’ll look into something better suited when it comes to “flower time”.
Anyway bro. It’s good to meet ya! Thanks for welcoming me in and I look forward to sharing our experiences! Take it easy…


Welcome to ILGM! Here’s my 3 things to do to get on the right track.

1-Stay small with your pots and transplant as they outgrow them. This will reduce overwatering.

2-Do not over water. You can easily drown or root rot your seedlings. PH your water to 6.5 EVERY TIME.

3-No fertilizer until I believe the 4th node has formed and if you have good soil,fertilizer is probably unnecessary until much later.

Finally: enjoy the process and ask questions. Lots of info here. If you haven’t yet, download Robert’s grow bible.



I’m getting ready to work but I would lower your light also put your hand right above your plan lower your light to where it does not burn you if you can feel the heat the plant can feel the heat so you want to raise it enough to where it is not burning or hot to your hand when it’s down near the plant but I would definitely lower your light and will get back on here As soon as I can see if I can help a little more I’m sure the Calvary will be here before I get back hope this helps good growing :pig2:


Hey @LawryP

I’m new as well- seems like your about a week ahead of me. But don’t worry you’re in good hands here!

Wanted to follow along with you. I’m happy to help out wherever I can.

Happy growing!



@Hogmaster isexactly right I would have the light about 18 maybe 20" above her @LawryP



I’m alway’s here as all other members who are willing to help you in your guest.
You have come to the right place and I " WELCOME YOU TO ILGM "

So ask away !



@LawryP wow the guys are coming out of the wood work to help you! Welcome to ILGM. Your worries are over. Just ask a question and use the @ in front of the username like I did with yours at the beginning on my post!

I’d be happy to coach you along if you need it. It depends on what approach works best for you? It’s good to have a couple sets of eyes on your grow in case one of us misses something! There are a few experts here but most of us are learning as we go. Matter of fact, I learn something most everyday.

Couple of things. pH is King. ph meter, ph up and down, and calibration fluid should be on your shelf, if they aren’t get them now! lol

Second it’s important to know as much about your soil as possible so you are giving it the proper ph water and nutrients.

3rd is lights. If you live in a warm climate consider going LED lights. They cost less and do a very good job. (I’m not really all the good on lights, but I know the others can be very hot creating unwanted heat. Although in winter the extra heat can be good! So it’s good to do a little research and make an informed decision!


Thanks a Million to all who have responded! I have ordered some things mentioned such as ph monitor. My adapters arrived for my bulbs but don’t appear to work. Not sure if it is because they’re sheet or the bulbs are, or maybe I’m just dumb (strong possibility) but they don’t even flicker… )-:
All of this may not even matter however. I peeked in on her earlier and she is down. No break or anything just appears like she stretched too far and got top heavy. I can put a stick in to prop her up, if that will help, but I had to leave for work and won’t be back with her til after 0700 (central time). Is all lost or do I just need to calm down?


Put a stick next to her and prop her up. She really needs the proper lighting over her to keep her from stretching. She is trying to find the much needed light she needs.



Will git r done ASAP! Fingers crossed!


Add some more soil around base of plant if possible too!


And get something a desk lamp or whatever and get her some light down close to her so she stops stretching. Use the back of your hand if it’s hot for you it’s too hot for her


Ok! All my supplies have arrived. I’m @7.5ph, do I need to use the ph down? Also, I have 2 400w hps bulbs but they don’t come on… any thoughts? Does it take something special to operate them? As always, Thanks for any and all input! One Love!



Yes, use the PH down. Use a eye dropper. Depending on has much water you are trying to adjust will depend on how much you need. I use a 1/2 gallon pitcher. For that amount of water start with one or two drops, stir it up a little, and re-check it. It doesn’t take much. The PH will change for any water you have left over. So you will need to re PH the water each time you water the plants.


Do you have a ballast for your light? @LawryP


No sir. What is it? Where do I get it and how much does it cost? :slight_smile:


I use LED so not sure on your lights. But lets try to get @Niala @Majiktoker @garrigan62 in here to help with your lighting. :wink: