First timer with some questions


Ok so I’ve had this from seed then germination and all that now it is going on 3 weeks old in 2 days, it’s a sativa but not sure of the strain but is growing healthy. I have no clue on when I should top it, I want a shorter plant just woke up with first set of 7 leaves. Any comments/questions would be helpful!


You want to have a bushier plant, but how spacious is your grow space amd what kind of lighting system are you using and all play into the size of the plant. How often do you water?


She is definitely happy give her a little more time before you top it see how she is stretching to the light she might want to be closer :wink: but looks nice and healthy


I have 2 led par16 lighting for now I heard they have a pretty good light spectrum range and right now it’s only 2’ by 2’ wide by 4’ high but plan on expanding ASAP if needed, I kinda rushed myself into it. I Have already tried the finished product from the person that got the bagged seed from his friend and grew the plant. It was wicked potent


Thanks! And a few days ago I had the lights a few inches lower and I think it got burn on a couple leaf tips I cut off. Do you know anything about the lighting? Will I have to change them eventually or can I run those to bud the plant and everything?


You will probably need more light with one plant a min of a 300w led will get you done but a 600w led will definitely get you all you need and depending on how much and how into it you get


Dont think so your lights they are 3200k am pretty sure its 6500k needed for flower if ur using both now thn you may want to think about getting 6500k ones for flower or buy new lights aswell as more space. Depending on how large a plant you want to grow. Dont know how much you know about lighting. I myself know little but from what i do know 3200 good for veg and 6500k good for flower but i use 2x300w led’s and i am buying 600w hps and eventually a 400w hps 400hps i was told be good for veg and 600w hps for flower. I rushed into my first grow. And am glad i did however i wish that i knew more first. But you will find lots of help and support here.


I’ve only been watering once it’s gettin dry about an inch down, and I have access to building material and all the time I need to build if need be. I


I only plan on growing this one in this setup or whatever else I may need so no big operation, kind of a trial to see if I can do it properly and thanks for the feedback folks!


You want 6500k for veg, NOT flower. Flowering you want the 3000k or around there.


So should I just leave it alone n let it do her thing? And should I just cut off the bottom branches with only 3 leaves they’ve got a little burn on the edges anyway, is leaving them on taking away from the rest of the plant?image|375x500


I would let her grow a little while longer. Then you can always top her and lst to control her height as well :v:


@livefast I always top my plants when they get their 5th set of nodes, then a week or so later, I’ll cut the two lowest branches off


@livefast you can top or fim once you have 4-5 nodes or sets of true leaves


Alright that’s what I’ve read on here but good to see it said to me. Been reading on this site for a few weeks, one of my doctors actually told me about this site and encouraged me to read into it. Seems like a good place for helpful, friendly people…


So hey @HornHead just called the local supply shop and they don’t carry that roleadro led lighting so I’m getting it today off amazon also grabbing a real grow tent TODAY! Lol anything else I should grab,a 3 or 5 gallon final pot, a digital ph meter that’s probably it for right now huh? Oh and I need some ph up


This is the light correct? @HornHead


Gettin this one @Hogmaster and a real tent later on amazon


To add to your shopping list, I would add a couple of fans to the Amazon cart :+1:t3:


@Countryboyjvd1971 has the white light same brand and loves it he may have one like that as well there nice