First timer with need of assistancešŸ˜

Hello all!!! I am very eager to grow my first baby. But do not wanna go in too blinded so to speak. Hopefully soon I will have the funds for all the equipment i will need. I plan on starting with the widow feminized mix pack on this site. I want to grow 1 of each. (White, black and chronic widow). I was reading Bergmanā€™s grow guide and reading on this forum for the last 2 hours. Very interesting stuff in here btw. Anyways, will 1 600 watt hid setup cover all 3 plants? They will be in my spare unused bathroom. Bathroom is small but has full tub and all. Here is the link for lights. I think I will go with organic soil but reading alot of people on here using hydro something lol srry cant remember exactly what it was. Also is a tent neccessary? Srry for the read. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Yes one of those lights will cover your three plants. As long as you donā€™t allow them to get too large. If Iā€™m growing with a non-led fixture I would go CMH. You donā€™t have to switch the light out, and use it from Veg to flower.

I defer @dbrn32 for lighting questions.

VIVOSUN 315W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH/CDM Grow Light Fixture w/No Bulb, ETL Listed, High-Reflectivity Vega Aluminum Hood, 120/240V Ballast, Full-Spectrum Hydroponic Grow Light and Suspension System

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Thanks for quick reply!! Heres a dumb question. I see alot of people on here using tents for there plants. Is this neccessary and how does the light get in if the tent is covered on all sides?

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People use tents because photo period plants require absolute dark period to flower. The lights go inside the tent, so it doesnā€™t need to shine through it.

If you can guarantee your bathroom can stay completely dark for 12 hours you wouldnā€™t need a tent.


Oh ok. Bc the lights Iā€™m buying linked above require hanging. How do I keep the lights from being too close to plants?

I have that light but mine is 1000w dimmable ballast it comes with hangers that you just pull up on the rope to adjust the height or squeeze the lock and pull down to lower make sure you have a way to pull the heat from the light mine gets very hot I donā€™t have a ventilation kit my grow is in my closet I have a box fan pulling cool fresh air into the room and a stand up oscillating fan to circulate the air through the room and the extra heat somehow draws itself out of the room donā€™t understand it but it works tho lol

Oh wow!! Thanks for the input. So you basically have the same hustle stronger lol. Do you use both bulbs it comes with from veg to flower or do you use 1 for veg and replace for the hps when its flower time?

I use the MH for veg and HPS for flower I have been told you can use the HPS bulb for the entire grow but I have not tried it yet cause after doing extensive research before getting a light source I know from experience from growing other plants indoors that a light in the blue spectrum helps with begging and promotes strong roots and sturdy plants And have learned from using the two bulbs that the hps bulb helps produce better denser buds

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Awesome!!! Thanks to all for input

Little bit of advice budman a 1000w light with the same company is more but it will cover more area and it is dimmable 600 750 1000w and super lumen it will cover a 5ā€™ x 5ā€™ area on 1000w setting. You can use a box fan and oscillating fan for air intake and circulation until you are able to get better equipment

Wonderful!! Thanks again. I want to get a grow tent that will be big enough for 3 plants. What size would you recommended wildride?

4x4 and larger. But if you have a spare bathroom, Iā€™d just grow in that. Maybe get some panda film in case you want a specific area lit better

5ā€™x5ā€™ grow tent. @420budman I figured up the price of building an area and buying a tent is the cheapest route since we both live in the same state hydro builder has tent kits that has odor control and ventilation all you need is a light

Awesome. I was looking at a few of those last night. Well late morning lol

@wildride420 @dbrn32 @Drinkslinger. This will be my setup for now. In the next 6 months or so I will go with a qb led build with the help of @dbrn32 but for now with my small budget this will work for now. Will hopefully be able buy the items in the pics within the next 5 days.

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Then within the next few months I will be able to get the ventilation and carbon filter for odor. I just gotta get it b4 the smell comes in :stuck_out_tongue:

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Plus this works out bc when I get the better lights down the rd fir the next grow I would be able to fix any mistakes Iā€™m going to use in the first grow and use the lights Iā€™m getting now for veg and and lights I will eventually have for flowering. Which means if this goes well I may get a 2x2 tent down the rd for veg and the 3x3 for flowering. Iā€™m not obsessing over this at all :sweat_smile::joy::rofl::rofl:

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You should probably wait little bit before you start plants. They will smell within a few months

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True. Not a bad idea. Hoping to have the venting within 3 months from now. Going through my old sports card from when I was a kid and realized i have a bunch of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant cards from their prime and hopefully can get some money from them lol

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Looks good. Get an oscillating fan for inside the tent. :+1: