First timer, white Widow auto


I think you can do pretty much the same thing in a pressure cooker that you would in the magic butter machine.

I know these new pressure cookers are very safe, but i’m still scared. Lol.


It’s been several months since final cure, I have arely put a dent in one jar! LOL and I’m wanting to start another grow! But I know my wife will be against it, but I REALLY want to try to improve


Great to hear that you are enjoying the fruits of your labor, I am doing the same.

I am still hoping that Mrs ReMoLu changes her mind.


I put seeds in water today…kind of covert atm. LOL
Trying gold leaf
GL isn’t auto is it?


No, i think it only comes as a fem photo


Thanks hornhead


Congrats, Bro…I am sitting here grinning like an idiot again.


Thanks Merlin
Were you able to keep longer in flowering stage with GL?
How did the buds size and density compare between WWA and GL?


The Gold Leaf yield was slightly higher than the White Widow. All of my seeds are feminized seeds, no autos.

I highly recommend both the Gold Leaf and White Widow. Easy to grow, good producers and excellent buzzzzzzzz.

On a related side note, several weeks ago I gave half an ounce each of both to my brother. His son grows commercially and he gets plants from his son. Well, he and his buddy wanted to purchase an ounce of my “top shelf” buds rather than smoke his, which is free from his outdoor grow.

I veg my plants until they are nearly three feet in height. The flowering period is mostly dictated by the genetics. I have read that the flowering period can be affected by various conditions (pH, Temp, stress, etc) but mostly in the negative direction. My practice (and advice to all) is to learn the conditions required and maintain them at all times. Doing this does involve a time and funds commitment but the results are well worth the effort and $$$. @ReMoLu


Hi @ReMoLu, I just went back and read your journal from the start again. It was a fun read and brought back great memories of our first growing efforts. Seems like a lifetime ago (it was a lifetime ago for cannabis plants LOL).


Hey there, @ReMoLu! I joined a bit late to follow your grow from the start, but I read your journal, starting near the end, and then skipping to the beginning. I’m looking forward to your next adventure in agriculture! I hope it doesn’t sow too much discord on the Homefront.


Exactly my thoughts, @WonkaMan. @ReMoLu and I started at close to the same time early this year. He was always a bit a head of me and I was bummed when he did not get to start another grow.


Thanks y’all. I just put seedlings in the dirt. They popped quickly. So I guess today is day uno


I agree. I have 2 plants that sprouted 4 days apart. One was always smaller now it is taller. I started in Rock Wool, the beer cup, then Coco and perilite. As i put the beer cups plants into 5 gallon containers each root ball fell apart differently. Next time the rock wool goes right into the 5 gallon bucket. Less stress.


How’s it going @ReMoLu? It’s been a while since those seeds went in the dirt, eh.