First timer, white Widow auto

1/24/18: soaked seeds in water 24 hrs then between sheets
1/25/18: put 5 seeds on wet paper towel, waiting like a new father.
1/26/18: all 5 seeds have germinated and have at least 1/4 to 1/2 sprout root. Moving to plastic Dixie cups with FFHF soil. Beginning water pH 7.2 adjusted to 6.2. Wetted soil until draining out placed in tent with veg LED lights.
1/27/18: morning added a little water to each plant, liner has some standing puddles
1/28/18: morning haven’t broken thru yet. Set up temp and humidity meter. 53% rh , 68-72F
1/29/18: looks like 4 or 5 broke through soil. One shifted to the side of the cup when I watered…RH about 61%, temp 77f. 600w LED 24/7. Will switch to 18/6 after all have popped up
1/30/18. RH about the same, temps a bit lower. All 5 above ground and about an inch tall, maybe less. Gave a few squirts spray of water
1/31/18: RH running about 50%, 75F installed fan inside. A few squirts sprays of water. Took photo about 2inches tall

2/3/18: transferred to 3gal fabric pots, forever homes. A couple of leaves had spots on them. I checked pH of water that was spraying on them and it had gone up after adjusting originally? So will check pH before each application
Light cycle set for 20/4.


Looks like you’re off to a good start. Best of luck to you @ReMoLu :v:

@ReMoLu, I couldn’t tell if you had drain holes in your cups. You really can’t have too many.

looking like a great start

Actually you should not start autos in solo cups. You run a very high risk of stunting them and very little yeild by trasplanting them. That solo cup and transplanting is a photoperiod plant thing, autos must be planted in there forever home

this is a stunted wwa

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@Flyr yes got several drain holes

@Familyman420, wow, has this happened to others this stunted growth with autos?

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No, I have three in little Terra Cotta pots and 2 in small plastic pots. I’ve started several in these pots. Yes, you will need to eventually transplant, but that won’t stunt them. I just harvested a Northern Lights Auto that was 4 feet tall!

Read about autos ive grown over 20 of the wwa amd autos can and do get stunted from trasplant

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Yes ask some others @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Usmcjojo ok guys can autos be stunted from transplanting? Autos can and DO GET STUNTED. Autos should not be transplanted but started in there forever homes


I screwed my autos up . Never again .

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The thing with autos is that they just do and as such we don’t know it’s genetic time clock so you run the risk with autos of stunting growth because we can’t predict when a plants genetics will trigger it into flower so if you let the plant get let say 4-6 inches and then transplant you run the risk of stressing the plant and accelerating the cycle. If you have to transplant do it early 2 inches and then place it in it’s forever home. Then sit back relax and enjoy the ride. @Familyman420 @ReMoLu @Loneviking


@Usmcjojo, Am I correct in thinking you don’t have to monitor light schedule? Just transplant early, feed, water. What about femming, or topping? What about LST? I’m sure Robert has a full report on Autos, I just haven’t researched it yet. Thanks for any info you may offer.


@Flyr you are correct no need to change schedule they can handle 12/12 if you need them too I would just wait until they flower. You can lst, top and fim autos if you do you must start early like 3rd or second node. The problem with doing so is that you could end up with stunted plants or plants that foxtail. If I were you I would stick with lst bend the main stem and tie down the auxiliary branches then let her do her thing.


Man thanks @Usmcjojo. I have 10 Auto seeds I’ve been holding on to until I finish growing these Gold Leaf babies. Autos seem to be an easier grow but maybe I’m wrong. Germinate, Bend and Grow. Those would be good starter plants. How soon do they flower or what’s the average growth to harvest time?


About 3 months from seed to finish maybe more maybe less but not by much. They are great I love autos. I grow them alongside my photos so that I don’t get rushed and finish my photos early because I have an awesome harvest of autos that I smoke on until my photos are done Everytime. No prob brother I’m here to help.


@Usmcjojo. Interesting observation. I haven’t had that problem yet. I haven’t been transplanting until they are , as you say, four to six inches high. Mine have all seemed to slow down their growth while increasing their roots and then they take off growing again. The 2 Autos I harvested yesterday went four months! Both had, for an auto, big root balls.


@Loneviking your not wrong just lucky or very skilled at low stress transplanting. like I said autos are crap shoots genetically because they are true hybrids not a variety hybrid. You have taken two species and combined them. So genetically the plant doesn’t really know who it wants to be or what it wants to do. So if the plant is exposed to stress that could bring out a genetic trait. Some desired and some undesired all depends on what the plant has in it’s genetic set of dice. You might roll sevens or you my crap out. All a roll of the dice my friend.


@Usmcjojo interesting. One of the Autos I just harvested was a Northern Lights with a Sativa growth pattern. I didn’t think it was a Northern Lights because of how it grew. Maybe I stressed it. I’ haven’t thought about Autos as two separate species but as two varieties. I’m beginning to understand how that’s wrong.

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@Usmcjojo thanks, they are about 2 inches or so, I’ll get their forever beds ready and make the move

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