First timer w/ Headband indoor

After some more reading, I’ve seen that with the ocean forest being a little hotter soil, you shouldn’t add anything for at least 4 weeks, if not longer. So that gives me a little time to work out a plan. Probably start nutrients about the time I transplant. On another post, someone informed me I have a “blurple” with a 200w actual draw and I need more. Thinking about the ViparSpectra xs4000, it’s in my price range, is almost exactly the inner dimensions of my box, and draws about 400w. Or maybe I just get another of the one I have and daisy chain it?? I’m a little concerned with amp draw, I have 20a to work with, and I have a heater pulling about 10a, 2 fans, a humidifier(as of Saturday), and the light. May have to add dehumidifier as well a little further down the road, so I can’t go too nuts on lighting. It’s my first 24hrs here so they cut me off on replies last night. Said I reached my limit for a new member. :laughing: they’re both looking healthy as of today. Got my EC and TDS meter in today.

I went ahead and turned my light on both functions and got it a little closer. Ill closely monitor them for any light burn. And adjust as needed.


Humidifier is running. Holding about 65%. Ordered second light to daisy chain for now. Looking healthy, I think. Still green and getting bigger every day.


Second light is hung. Going to continue running both on veg and bloom until/if I notice a problem. #1 is about an inch and a half tall at 4 days after sprouting. Will post updated pictures tonight of seedlings in regular light.

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Daily picture update for week 1. 400w actual wattage now.

HB #1

HB #2

I think they look healthy for babies… but again, I’ve never done this before. :laughing:
Any thoughts?


Very healthy. Not leggy. Not skinny. Nice color. Looking good!!!

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Let that soil dry for a couple of days. They like to go wet/dry. If she leans a tiny bit she’s telling you she’s thirsty. You can get a cup of dry soil and lift it a couple times, then soak it and compare the weight.

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I’ve been doing about 200ml a day. Going to start taking more accurate measurements of watering in my log. Ill let them dry for at least a day or 2, I think I might have tipped the cup a little heavier than usual this morning. Read that I shouldn’t let seedlings dry out for the first week or so. Didn’t want to starve them too much as babies. I calibrated my pH meter, I’m at 6.6 distilled water, showing 77 ppm and 144 EC on my other meter.

Way too much for a seedling in soil. Only about 20-30 every couple of days. Water in a ring towards the edge of the cup. Keeping them soaked like that won’t allow the roots to reach.


Thanks for the tip! I’d have kept drowning them. Part of why I went with ffof, said it drains better and can get antsy and over water.

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It drains fair enough, but still holds pretty well. Overwatering is the number 1 beginner error usually. I’m still a beginner too lol. If you grow in fabric pots, the weight of the dry/wet soil will be about the best judgement as when to water. For now, only every 3 or so days with about 30ml. Let those roots work and grow.
More roots=more intake=more growth!


I’ll keep that in mind. I got my CalMag in today, too. I am going with 3g fabric pots when I transplant. That’s about as big as I can do with the room I have, I think. MAYBE able to squeeze a 3rd in but I might be starving it for light.


I’m going with 3 gallon fabric pots too with photos. Bruce Banner, Black Widow and Grand Daddy Purple. I’m at day 7 of sprout. Tight on size too, and I haven’t done any kind of training since I started growing. Looks like we get to learn some stuff together!

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I’m thinking of topping one and FIM the other, and see which I like better. Watched a LOT of videos on both. I am also considering topping both, and then fimming the two shoots I get out of that. Headband, from what I can read, needs a lot of training. Small buds.


Colas galore! I’m going to top or fim one, and do LST on the others. I’ve only got about 48" total to work with height wise.


That’s about my height limit as well. I figured I would incorporate LST along wet whatever else I do.

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Everything running smoothly today. Had to fight the urge to water them, though. :laughing:


For reference

• 2x Headband

• Method: Soil (FFOF)

Soil brand and type

• Vessels: 3g Cloth pots (after seedling transplant)

• PH of Water, Solution, runoff: pH 6.4, 77ppm distilled, 144EC, NO NUTES YET

• FF Trio + cal mag when nutes begin

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable

• Indoor

• Light system: 2x ViparSpectra 450(200w true) with veg and bloom switches

• Temps; 76-85°

• Humidity; 70% RH for now

• Ventilation system; 2x 6" fans

• Humidifier, dehumidifier coming soon

• Co2: No

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@Hellraiser hope you don’t mind me tagging you in my grow. I’m trying to assemble as much knowledge as possible!

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Sorry I did not respond earlier. I am running off a 15 amp circuit so I have very little to spare myself. The electrician is coming over in about 2 weeks to fix the mucked up 20 amp circuit the original owner put in the basement plus adding another 20 amp run to the garage. It is an older home and not equipped electrically for all the gadgets we use nowadats. When we get around to finishing the basement it will require a subpanel. Ouch on the $$.

House stays a constant 68 and I gave up the whole turn down your thermostat at night stuff. I also have a layer of styrofoam under my tent on the concrete floor.

My problem is humidity and getting that 20 amp working in the basement I can at least run a large humidifier during the fall, winter and spring.

Looking forward to your grow and learning about headband!

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Looks likes it’s going well so far, will be watching.

The only thing that jumps out at me at this point is that you are running more light than necessary. 400 watts (even blurple watts) for 2 sprouts is quite excessive and I can see it keeping your sprouts short and squat - not a bad thing specially if going for shorter plants but still more light than needed, even one of the lights would be more than enough for the next few weeks for 2 small plants.

There is a thing about too much light, specially in veg, can push the plants more than the nutrients can keep up. I am a crazy over-lighter but in flowering when they can take it, not so much in veg.

If you have a smartphone get the photone app and see how much ppfd you are raining down on them and can use it to set your light heights to get the right amounts of light at the right times (veg and flowering).