First timer, trimming in flower

Hi All,
This is my first time growing photo period plants. I have an ILGM Bruce Banner, and ILGM Black Widow growing under an HLG 320XL. Everything is going great and they look awesome. I vegged for 6 weeks. At week 5 I did a light to moderate lollipop, then switched to 12/12 a week later. It is now exactly a week since the flip to 12/12 and they have bushed out a lot again and can use another cleanup. My question is assuming I should, when should I lollipop again? Is there a sweet spot in timing, or does it not matter all that much? And lastly do I do it all at 1 time, or do it gradually over a couple days. I have no experience with photo plants so guidance is much appreciated.

When you flip to 12/12 there will be a burst of new growth called the stretch. A plant can double/triple in size during this burst. Some will clear the fan leaves regularly to allow the top bud sites to be exposed as well as allow the light to penetrate into the lower bud sites. Trimming becomes a personal preference. Some plants will stunt with heavy defoliates and to an extreme can stress the plant to hermie to produce pollen.

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