First Timer - Super excited

Hi Everyone, Thanks for having me. I ordered a beginner pack, and was Super excited because seeds arrived to Australia less than 2 weeks after ordering! So impressed by the whole ILGM experience so far! Seeds have already sprouted and are in their forever homes! Have been reading along in the forums trying to learn everything I can but, curious as to how long it would usually take for all the liquid Fertilizers and that to arrive?


Welcome to the forums I bought that same pack as well. I believe the nutes take an extra week or two to get there, but in the plus side you shouldnt need them for the first couple of weeks. What kind of setup are you doing?

You came to the right place @Cw. We grow weed here :smile:. Welcome to ILGM and if u need anything shoot me a tag and I’ll find someone to help :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you have a light picked out? Lighting is often the largest part of your budget, but always overlooked. Look into getting a quantum board, or some COBS. Welcome to ILGM!

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Welcome to the community gardening is a wonderful Hobby.

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Welcome this is a great place ask away you will get answers

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Welcome to ILGM! @Dushin91 has your question covered. Keep us posted…and how about some pics of those babies?!? :v:


Sweet, thanks heaps for all of the replies. Ill keep waiting on them ever-so-impatiently HA! I haven’t gotten a proper light yet, thats a whole lot of overwhelm every time I try to research and find what I need, but thanks for the suggestion of the quantum board. Ill check it out.

Because this is the first time i’ve ever grown it, I just got some good quality organic soil, a little quality compost, mixed them together and put the seeds in. Planned on using natural sunlight and just letting it do its thing and seeing what happens while I research and learn how to really love and care for them, and learn the science and all that. (Don’t hate me for being so ignorant and impatient haha)

Northern lights and blueberry are going good, i think! (Will try to attach photos), But I’ve already learnt a lesson about seedlings and natural sunlight - I don’t think the poor amnesia haze is going to make it because her first leaves got burnt. First pic is blueberry, second pic is northern lights. Both autos, both planted 11 days ago.


Welcome and looking like have a good start you wil want to talk to @dbrn32 about lights he fixed me up great with qb lights

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I believe fertilizer may ship from US, so probably take a little longer

Welcome from all the Australians on this forum :+1::kangaroo:

Welcome to forum. I would always start my babies inside to get a bit stronger before dealing with all the elements. Then boot them outside. Looking good.

Thanks again for all of the replies. Thinking I might start a journal to monitor the progress!