First Timer - Starting Autoflower Gorilla Glue indoors (2x2 tent)

Is it a bad idea to start autoflowering plants inside and then move them outside?
These are 11 days old now. Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can share!!

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Nah, no problems with that. A lot of growers will do that in the spring. Looking good!

Thanks OooWee, I appreciate the info!

Great plant choice to start with , looking good , yeah just be careful on the drastic changes

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@Randy_Marsh is correct! You don’t want to have your tent at 75 degrees and bring them outside to 114 degrees.

PS - Hard to tell from the photo but you’re gonna want some sort of drip tray underneath your fabric pots. Going to be a pain to clean up access water every time.

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Yeppers, just ordered some saucers/drip trays for the pots :smile:
If I do bring them outside then I will break them in gently for sure.
It all depends on how well the carbon filter works to get rid of smell…wifey wasn’t happy when I bought tent lol.
But I asked for forgiveness…

Lol been there. Only time mine stink is when I have the tent wide open to do maintenance. I think you’ll be good :slight_smile:

OooWee - that is music to my ears!

I appreciate the feedback!

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