First timer seeking knowledge and a bit of advice


looking for some advice heres my situation. im using peat pellets and i can see the root starting to come out the sides on the pod do i wait until they come out the bottom or is now a good time to transplant.


Now is a good time
-good luck


do i remove the mesh from the peat pellet before i transplant?


Should be fine to put the whole thing in there! That’s the way they are designed!


I just transplant the whole thing


im using soil should i use superthrive for transplant or gh rapid start maybe if possible both or nothing at all.


Superthrive is a great product! …I use it all the time


should i follow the instructions for transplanting from superthrive, i asking because i read somewhere i should only use half the amount instructed. what worked for you?


I would recommend you follow directions.

I use about an EIGHTH of a cap per gallon
( @Cajungrower )in all the water I use with the exception of flowering

When I transplant I water the plant thoroughly to minimize transplant shock with pH’ed water, then I gently put it in the new pot surround it in soil and then water the new soil thoroughly

Stop worrying about it and just do it, it’s only a plant, it will be ok -good luck


ok thank you


water it well to compress the soil and make it hold together then put a hand over the pot like a spock gesture :hand_splayed: with the plant in the middle of the fingers, flip it upside down tap or squeeze the bottom gently to let it release slowly then put it in the pot…

So there’s already a few inches of soil in the new pots bottom, put it in gently and fill in the sides around it and very lightly press it down then water the whole thing well and you can’t go wrong, just keep everything ph balanced and you’ll be okay


Transplant completed. Thank you all for the advice.


…congrads! :slight_smile:

Keep us posted!


I use Foxfarm Ocean Blend potting soil with Kind Soil (bought through Amazon). Kind Soul has worm castings, bat guana, lots of organically good for the root system. The sprout looks great. I don’t start any nutrients that early except the soil and water and good light.

What strain are you growing?


Where do you get super thrive?


im using ocean forest as for the strain i dont know its just a random bag seed. this is my first grow wanted to make sure i had the basics of keeping a plant alive before i purchased any seeds.


from walmart.


Local grow store, but it’s on Amazon and recently I saw it at Lowe’s


I have two unknown strains one is flowering beautifully the other 5 weeks of budding. I have a seedling of blue mystic and White widow auto. I am using fox farm nutrients 1/2 recommended strength. This is my first grow. I think the one flowering right now is going to have a good yield.


Help my organic mix is still cooking. I have 9 more days for the process to complete. The seeds sprouted so soon (og kash and gold leaf) I used organic peat moss and perlite to germinate. How long can I leave them in the 4 inch pots?