First timer - Ready to harvest?

This one is Durban Poison. First grow ever and I keep reading conflicting info around the interwebs.

Is it trichome or is it pistil color? Could really use some guidance please.

These were taken tonight. Is she ready?


Only real test is say a Jeweler Loupe on Amazon for $10. You will get 60x magnification and will see how the trichomes look. Otherwise it’s just a guess. You are getting real close.

So MrPeat is in the trichome camp?

I have several different ways to get up close and personal. :grin:

I have no clear trichomes anywhere on the top buds. All are milky and I’d say about 5% are either amber now or are most certainly on the way.

Straight water with a little Amber Agave for two weeks and now finished last week of straight pH-balanced water.

Don’t know whether to water one more time or just do the deed now.

She does look good. To check the trichomes I recommend to look at about the middle of the plant. Less light penetration as the tops and sugar leaves finish faster.

You could pull her now.

From about 2/3rd down…

I can’t see any amber in those trich pics. The white hairs in your second pic suggest she could go a bit longer

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…and while we’re on the subject…

Would you harvest the entire 7” cola?

Or, would you selectively harvest individual buds from the cola when each ripens to absolute perfection?

God, I’m starting to drool…


These these smell SOOOOO damn good!!!

So I took some time and really looked her over good.

I’d say the trichomes are about 15% transition beyond milky towards amber with occasional solid amber examples on the top buds.

Midway down, the only transitions I see seem to be grouped towards the tip of the leaf right on the bud.

At the bottom of the plant, I see solid milky white trichomes.

…and I do tend to appreciate the heady qualities of a good Sativa.

So am I supposed to harvest earlier in the amber transition phase rather than the couch-lock phase of solid amber examples everywhere on the cola?

to stay on the high vs stoned side yes… the longer it goes the stonier it will become…

A pic of the whole plant would help, but from what I see you can let her go longer.
Durban poison is straight Sativa, it’s going to take a while.

Everything looks good. Give it more time.

As far as what to check: search no further. Unless trichomes are mature (cloudy/Amber) your high will significantly be less. The trichomes are the definitive indicator. Pistils can even be still white at harvest time and change color after you dry. Trichomes won’t do that.

to me the white pistils the plant keeps putting out indicate that it has potential to grow more. It is not finished yet (in my oppinion you can always look at the trichomes and decide they are ripe enough for you, even after 5 or 6 weeks. You would need the whole trichome-profile of the plant to get the timing right, everything else in my oppinion is more or less illusion) … maybe you want to look at any other plant and see that they are usually not harvested when they are still putting out new growth, it doesnt make sense. You dont harvest green tomato do you? or banana

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