First timer, Please Help!

I started my seeds inside. Young with 4 leaves each.
Plan is going hydroponic. I have the room set up & They both need the grow room.
Please advice with being young how I can set up in their pots protectively. I want them to do well and they need all to offer . Holding off on nutrients.
Desperate for any help and Thank You !!!

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Im not much help with the hydro but welcome to the forum
@Donaldj @Dieselgrower are a few of the hydro guys i know hopefully one of them see the tag and can assit you
I just wanted to say welcome and get you pointed in right direction :v:
Happy growing

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Thank you @Countryboyjvd1971

did you start them in coco or rockwool or am I to guess they are in soil atm? I usually suggest starting them in rockwool cubes or rapid rooters letting them establish roots then placing into hydro unit once they are have several sets of true leaves with 1/4 dose of micro nutrients and a root promoter ph set accordingly 5.8


@Donaldj thank you for your reply. I started them in plugs. I did them place them in soil.
Do you mind telling me the ratio of Burt’s & amount of water?

Nutrients to water is calculated in ml/L or gallon is based on what products you are using

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Hi @Donaldj,
I bought advance nutrients micro, bloom grow along with cotton candy and a couple others to play with. I hope the advance nutrients grow is a good start.

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@Donaldj is the root promoter a powder like miracle grow root starter? Sorry for sounding stupid.
Today I started a seedling with taproot in soil. I’d like to from one outside as well. Does the feeding schedule change when growing in soil alone ?
Thanks a bunch. I’ll learn throughout my first grow .

I use liquid Karma or B-52 basically folic acids to get roots moving along but a simple Micro and Bloom at 5ml a Gallon will have similar effect promote root growth. Do not submerge net pots keep nutrient solution level under net but close enough the bubbles splash it

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@Donaldj Thank you for your reply and the advice. I appreciate it very much !