First timer, please evaluate my plants

Beautiful and Awesome well done brother,im just finding some posts
and topics,now just traveling around the site ))))

Thank you, my friend- I’m just about to update my grow journals and I’ll tag you - big difference from then till now :slight_smile:

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Your very welcome brother!!yes please do tag me @sl1,very much appreciate update,i have some pics as well in the topics sec>you will like!!

I’m also a first time grower. AND an accidental grower. I couldn’t figure out how to start a new topic, so figured I would dove-tail here. I hope that’s appropriate. Threw a single (bag) seed in last season’s 2 gal. empty tomato pot back in November or December. I didn’t notice, water,
or care for it, until March. Then I ordered FoxFarm trio on-line, and have been alternating Grow Big with Big Bloom. Holding off on Tiger Bloom. I’m watering every two or three days.

Only three-pronged leaves! I’m guessing due to stress. It was already flowering a bit when I found it.

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What is the strain and type?

Bag seed from friend’s last season home grow. Probably indica.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Outdoor in 2 gallon container

Soil or Hydro?

My wife tells me the soil is: Nature’s Care Organic Bed Soil


Not tested.

Type and strength of nutrients used?

Fox Farm Big Bloom alternating with Fox Farm Grow Big. Per directions — 16 oz. of water at a time every two or three days. Typically early morning water.

Temperature? Day vs. night temp or highest and lowest temps? Root zone temps?

California Bay Area, which is why I decided to keep - LEGAL NOW!!! Daytime temps: 55 to 75. Nights: 50 or so.

Humidity %?

Unsure. Been fairly rainy this season.

Number “weeks/days” from into Season, Vegetative Growth or Bloom/flowering?

Been growing for four to five months. Not sure how to categorize stage. Vegetative AND flowering? She’s been growing much bigger since I started fertilizing.

Here’s a pretty good pic of the central (original) branch. This was pretty much she was when I started to take care of her. She’s endured a lot! Her location gets a lot of uninterrupted sun – most of the day, anyway. That’s kind of why I thought her leaves had a bit of of a darkened look.

The branches that have come in since I’ve started fertilizing look pretty different!

They flower as they grow. That’s why I couldn’t really say whether “flowering” or “vegetative”. . .

So. Keep going as I’m going? Move to strictly vegetative feeding? Harvest (prune) first growth? She’s slowly becoming my obsession! :wink:

Hi @arpeggio I’m just a beginner so I think if you start a new thread you will probably get answers … people are very helpful here, probably just missing your post.

I think if you click the three bar icon on the top right next to the search icon, then click on the Category you want (e.g. Beginner) it takes you to a screen where you can start your new topic. Hope this helps, here is a screenshot of what clicking the three bars should look like

Hope you get some help, looks like your plant has some deficiencies and the more experienced members will know the right questions to ask to help you solve them.

Thanks, Sl1!

How are your plants doing, btw? Your pics are gorgeous.

– J

Look nice :+1:t2: man keep us updated