First timer, plants are stretching I believe. Help!

Also a first timer, but I am not able to make a post yet. I am in need of some help. It’s been 5 full days since I planted my autos (Sour Diesel, Super Skunk, AK-47) and they all have sprouted, but they seem to be very tall and lanky. I am running a viparspectra par450w LED at 60R/60W/15B and its hanging at ~26" ( I think ) about my ladies. I had it at 36" yesterday, but dropped it down some when i noticed they shot up like crazy. Anyone have this light that might have any suggestions or just any suggestions in general? I would hate to lose them, but I have more seeds for back up just incase something like this happened.

They are currently in a 4x4 tent, but I have a 2x2 I planned on moving them into. The 4x4 was just for the initial start. Any tips?

Also, I had them on a 24hr light cycle, but I read on here that once they officially came out to switch to a 18/6? yes or no?

I keep mine on 24/7 for 4 weeks then switch to 18/6 for 2 weeks then move them outside. Everyone has their own way of doing things.

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What size light are you using and how far away do you have them? Ff you don’t mind me asking.

Thats my main goal when I start my new grow, is to avoid stretching of seedlings. I see lots of peeps 7-10 day old sprouts that already look like a bush. Anxious to here your responses, if you don’t mind me lingering here! Nice to meet you. Im wrapping up a girl that was just a test run months ago, with no proper lighting etc till recently. But she has turned out nice.

I have a 100 watt Sf and looking for optimum distance for new sprouts like yourself. Good luck to us!

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I leave lights on 24 7 for atleast the first 2 to 3 weeks gets the plants going a bit. Just watch node spacing and try and keep the nodes a inch to inch and a half apart at most if seems to be going bigver gaps lower light to stop.the stretch some.


Relax that’s what they do, grow. Your light manufactor gives a suggested distance from light to plant. Look it up and follow there advice on light distance as if its to high it causes stretch to low and it burns them. A very important detail indeed.


You’re gonna have to EXPERIMENT with light distance. Seeing stretch means light too far away. Leaf nodes that are close together, or stacked on top of one another, means light too close.
When you go to transplant, bury it down around half way up the stem. Will give stability and more roots will develop off the stem.
I see that you have them in 4x4 and gonna move to a 2x2? Seems backwards to me. Gonna want that room when they get going.