First timer, outdoor Sour D

Hi everyone!

First timer here…Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

-Strain: Sour Diesel (from a clone)
-Age: 45 days
-5 gallon fabric pot
-FFOF soil (no nutrients so far)
-outdoor grow in CA, super hot temps!!
-topped once

No real important questions at this point, I’m just hoping to learn as much as possible and maybe find a mentor along the way.

Anyone with Sour D outdoor experience out there ??

-Wondering when to top again, If it all?

-no nutes until flowering ?

Thank you ILGM fam!


She is looking good. The more times you top the more bud sites, but also the smaller the bud sites. Really friends on what you want the shape of the plant to look like.

I would suggest as a final pot size 15 gallon minimum, preferably 30 gallon.

Then add a 2-3” mulch layer on top, I use barley straw. Mulch will help the top layer microbes to be more productive.


@AAA Much appreciated!

I think I’ll leave her as is, just topped once.

Definitely planning on a larger pot, when do you think is the right time for that?She just went from a 1 gallon to the 5 gallon in the picture a week ago…

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Let her double in size at least.

I use my wife’s crepe spatula to separate roots from outer perimeter of pot when transplanting.

If you are not confident, just cut the pot off.

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Good stuff, thanks.

At what point, if ever do you think I’ll need nutrients ?

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Sometime early to mid flower.

You need to decide if you are going to feed with Bottle nutrients or organic amendments.

If organic amendments you could start top dressing small amounts now.

If bottled nutrients, not until she needs them.

I think I would prefer Organic amendments on top… let me research that, thank you. If you know any good resources let me know. :metal:

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Call Build A soil. 855.877.7645

They have staff on the phones that can give you an exact plan and sell you what you need. They are at the top of their game.

When you top dress you don’t have to be so concerned about the exact ratios as the “micro-herd” will use its powers to convert organic materials into what the plant needs.


@Greenthumb443 Check out this Grow Guide, it could help you out alot. Just click the blue text, (but it’s really only one Guide, not 200.) “200+ Marijuana Grow Guides - Indoor & Outdoor Strains | ILGM”


Hey @Greenthumb443. Happy Growing, Welcome.Beautiful plant!
I also have an outdoor Sour D in a 2.5gal. Also FFOF Soil. She’s in Week 5 Flower. Saw yours was a clone. I’m just now rooting two monstercrop clones from my female. Burning temps down south as well. Plenty of people to help you out. Your plant looks strong.


Hell ya thanks :pray:

Will do. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet lol thank you

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Yesssssss now that’s what I’m talking about !!! Thanks for the welcome and compliment on my girl. Your plants are equally as beautiful as they are inspiring!
Did you top?

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Also, looks like you might be doing the same thing as me…bringing her inside at night time. If so, how has transporting been at that stage? Scares the shit out of me to even think about it lol Do you have Her staked down?

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Don’t mind me. I’m just here for the Sour Diesel pron.


No prob… @Greenthumb443 this is a great place for info!
Yes I did. I topped Once. I personally would recommend stopping there. But there are plenty here that top several times. I got 3 colas in return for my One topping. But, I’ve seen up to 6 colas from one topping. Growers choice really.

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Hahahah so transport back and forth is something I had to factor into my grow. That’s why I stayed in the 2.5gal pot. The first week or so of Flower I was carrying it like a newborn. But you’ll soon see, this is a sturdy, hearty plant. I wouldn’t recommend using your personal clothes closet during flower…some of my wife’s clothes still stink lol. But yeah, for transport, just clear your path, know your route, and all should be fine. Late in Flower it gets a little more taxing, you don’t want your buds knocking against walls, doors…DOGS!
Oh and no, not staked at all, just elevated to keep away ground critters, and big dumb dogs.
You have dark room you can use?

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@Greenthumb443…as for nutrients.
I actually never fed her a single thing until about 2-3 weeks ago. That’s when I joined ILGM! I was way early into flower, with sporadic, loose stigmas growing everywhere, and looked nothing like I thought it “should”.
Then I learned the most important word in growing…Patience!!!
But for the feeding, I am currently on the Fox Farm trio. Google that, but since you’re in FFOF, you know this.
Since I’ve only fed her twice, I used 25% of a full dose, and now 50% of a full dose.
Here’s a really helpful feeding chart if you go with FF trio. But, do your research and see what’s best for your grow! I can thank @Hellraiser and @MrPeat for all of the nutrient education!