First timer, need tips and guidance☺️

Hi, i’m hoping i can get some guidance, Just started my first ever grow, still in seedling stage, No nodes yet. It’s 2 plants, one sativa and one indica, Jack herrer and big buddah kush, which i realized in hindsight is stupid since They Have different flowering times😅 Currently my only light is coming from a full spectrum led that pulls 240w off the wall, but was supposed to be equal to 1200watt hid, i very much doubt that so i Have ordered an additional light, a hid 400watt, and both mh and hps bulbs. I Have a fan that pulls from the top off the tent, and a circulation fan inside for cooling. Temp is around 75f. Both seedlings are in dwc at pH 5,3 with calmag water. No additionnal nutrients at this point. They went in the dwc this past weekend. The tent is 3,3x3,3x6,6 ft. Do you think i need more light? The nutrients i’ll be using are advanced nutrients pH perfect sensi. In addition i Have bought some extra nutrients because the nutrients calculator on their webpage suggested it, so should i Follow the calculator, or should i Just addjust the nutrients to fitt a certain EC? I read that in the start of vegetative phase i should start at EC 650? And would love any tips and input as i am completely New to it😅 sorry for spelling errors and bad grammar, not my first language☺️ love from norway


Dont, under any circumstances, follow the advanced nutrients calculator online, its a recipe to fry your plant, begin slow and ramp up based on what the plant tells you. I begun with 1ml per litre and half (test and check your EC) and slowly rose up to 2ml per 1.5Litre. The supplements are safe to use at recommended dosages, cut the base nutrients by half and add fresh water to the mixing container until you reach a safe EC level. about 0.7-1EC, but wait until it has made the first set of serrated leaves, until then it feeds off of the cotyledons.
Good luck <3


Yeah sounds like the typical ebay led advertising, a 400w mh/hps in that space sounds perfect. 600 wouldnt be out of the question, but only if it was dimeable.

EC is normally .6- 1.0 for starting out, ppm is 420-700.
what medium are you growing in ?

English is good man, well done. Welcome. :call_me_hand:

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It has made the first serrated leaves, so next feed i should start adding nute then? :relaxed: Thanks for the reply, Will not be following the calculator​:sweat_smile: so what ec should be my goal as first feed? 0,7? Or start Even lower? The additional nutrients i bought are b-52, overdrive, voodo juice and big bud, do i add them in accordance with the calculator and Just reduce the base? Thank you very much for your reply<3

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I was thinking i would try to run both lamps, i read some article saying a combination of led and hps was good stuff😅
The medium is Coco, but sait it has some bark and some nutrients in it too☺️
I’ll try starting it at ppm 600 then, when i change the water in the reservoir.
Thanks man​:grin: and thank you for your reply :relaxed:

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I have been using the AN nuteline for about 5 months now, and i know for fact you should NOT follow their calculators. 4ml of A&B is overkill, especially if combined with B52, too much nitrogen (for me at least) If you google “How to use the Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart” you will find a good one on Growbarato or something of the sort.

IF you already have serrated leaves, that means you’re in the beginning of veg stage, Begin adding Voodoo juice 2ml/L, B52 1ml/L and the sensi grow 1ml/L. If the solution reads above 1EC, continue adding fresh water until it reads betwen 0.6-0.8. Keep in mind, EC is not ppm, there are scales and conversion formulas online if you want to check it out, but honestly EC should be the way to go since its not as confusing and doesnt have a million scales to look at.

Regarding your medium. You need to water every day, you should never follow a wet dry cycle, but make sure you get runoff at least 20% (example, 1L of water going in, 200ml of water coming out the bottom.) this ensures your medium is soaked with fresh feed every day, and washes off the residue of the used feed and any salts that have built up. PLEASE make sure you have good drainage, otherwise your roots wont get enough oxygen and the plant will get sick and it will confuse you to F as to why it got sick.
Testing your runoff will show you what is going on, if the plant is favouring nutrients the EC will be lower than what youve put in, in that case increase by 0.1. If the runoff EC is higher than what youve put in then that means the plant is favouring water instead of nutes, so you should cut back on the nutes until the plant asks you to increase.

If you are using Tap water, make sure you leave the container full and open overnight so the chlorine evaporates, otherwise the bacteria you will be introducing with voodoo juice or tarantula and piranha (later down the line) wont survive long enough to be given to the plant.

Im not sure if i missed something, if i did im sure others will correct me, sorry if this is an overload of info, i only wish somebody had told me all these things when i started… :slight_smile:

If your coco already has nutrients in it, i would suggest only feeding water, until you see a deficiency, otherwise you might overdose them. I used a dried out block of coco, it didnt have anything in it and it was easy to maintain a feed at the early stages, if yours has some stuff in it, keep giving just water until the lower leaves begin to yellow and droop, then begin feeding with base nutrients.

Go organic time release and you wont have to piss around with EC ppm and mixing nutes every feeding. Ya just mix it into the soil and water…

Found the feeding chart, thanks alot for that, it’s going to give me a good base to work from!
My first feed with nute will be tomorrow I think since i get the new lamp and the rest of the nutes I ordered tomorrow :slight_smile: But should i water it since it’s in DWC? Should I then just spray the plant itself with a spritzer or something?
Ah, so if my reservoir is 0,7 and when i remeasure its gone down I should add more nutes to the next feed basically? Thanks so much man, learning alot here :slight_smile:
I am using tap water, dont have an RO machine sadly, nut tap water here is ph 5,3 so it’s an ok place to start right?
Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

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I’m in DWC, would that be something I still could do? Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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5.3 seems fine, but the recommended ranges in DWC would be 5.5-6 (im not sure about this though)
I also dont have an RO system, so i opted into buying bottled “SPRING” water (not still) it has enough calcium and magnesium traces with too little bicarbonates so the need for calmag is practically gone :slight_smile:
I tried with Still bottled water the plant begun developing early calcium deficiencies so i changed.

Im not experienced in dwc unfortunately…i have no idea. I know it can be used in coco and soil. If you get free time check out mr Canucks grow videos on youtube. Itll blow your mind how simple and amazing results…

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