First Timer, need guidance!

First timer, winging it, DWC, this thing is 9 days old, very small, has had 3 little white flakes on one leaf for at least a few days, someone accidentally turned the light off on it for 8 hours today, help me fix this! I have 2 cheap LED lights, floragrow nutrient system, Vivosun 4 inch fan/ carbon filter, 48 x 24 x 60 tent. PH around 5.8, one small fan, 40 gallon air pump with 2 air stones. Temp stays in the low to mid 70s, and humidity is around 45.

I changed your username, as we don’t allow exchange of personal information.

As for your hours just set the timer to what it was before or 18/6. The seedling will be unaffected.


I appreciate that! It was actually Matthew McConaughey‘s email from an episode of King of the Hill, so hopefully no harm done!


Looks like you are off to a good start. No harm done with the lighting at this stage.

Can you elaborate? Could be anything from pests to dust or just harmless discoloration.

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Thanks! You can kind of see them in the closeup pic, it looks like it could be dust, but I couldn’t brush them off gently. They don’t seem to be spreading, or moving at all. I had been making the mistake of misting leaves, as well as playing with the height of the lamps for the first week. I had just started putting a fan on it a few days ago and I think I gave it a bit of wind burn, before adjusting it to blow above the plant. I figured that’s enough careless mistakes. I want to do it right.

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Also forgot to mention this is the granddaddy purple auto.

Trial and error is still the best teacher.

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Thanks for the help so far! Aside from the lighting, any other tips for feeding, or any other care right now, or should I just follow the floragrow feeding chart?

Hydro is not my thing but if you run in to any trouble we won’t be lacking for advice. :smiley:
You have already been visited by more of an authority than I am and if there were any obvious problems they would have addressed it.
Best advice is to use the search and read up on any questions you can think of. Tons of knowledge here.

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Day 13, just ordered calmag and UC Roots to add to the mix. I was looking to try hydrogaurd after seeing it on some other posts, but I got turned off by the volume compared to shelf life, and based on reviews through Amazon, I went with the UC Roots. I know if one product has a short shelf life, the other probably does as well, but I just went by the product info. Does this stuff really go bad, or lose potency in 6 months? Is there anywhere to purchase small dropper bottles rather than quarts and liters? I mean, I don’t mind spending the money, but when it’s a small, personal project, and I only need a few mls of a particular supplement at a time, I’m gonna end up wasting 99.9% of it. Same question with PH down, if that stuff doesn’t have a shelf life, a quart feels like it will last me a few lifetimes.

Anyway, it seems hydrated, it’s growing, but the new growth is very light in color. It’s also very light green in the center of the newest leaves. I’m wondering, is this a nutrient issue, or does the color develop as the leaves grow?

Thanks in advance!

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Top down view

Not in to hydro but looks pretty normal. Color should darken as roots develop . Chlorophyll just hasn’t caught up yet.


@HMGRWN Sorry if I was accidentally alerting you with questions, I’m not too tech savvy. But thank you if you’re following my progress! I assumed the lighter areas were kind of like stretch marks, and that they would darken as they grew. But seeing posts with such dark, robust green leaves, I thought I’d check in.

This is my very first, and I honestly picked hydro because it seemed more exciting/ lab experiment type situation, which I think is really cool. But I’d like to try soil too. Why do you choose soil over hydro?

I follow everybody’s grow I can find and try to pass on info or tag the more experienced growers.

Just old fashioned and scared of all the tech. Trying to keep it simple I guess. Plus the person who got me started uses soil.
I’m just a “dirty old man”.

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@HMGRWN There are so many different techniques I want to try, but I’m doing my best to be patient, and learn from one plant at a time.

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Day 15, I feel like I’m seeing decent growth this week, haven’t made any nutrient changes yet. The first set of true leaves were cupped a bit this morning, shortly after the lights came on. Doesn’t look like the normal canoeing issue I’ve seen with more mature plants, and they’re still growing so I’m not sure if that is something to acknowledge.


Leaves definitely leveled out, and got a bit greener throughout the day. Roots haven’t reached the bottom of the net pot yet. Should I wait til then to lower the water level? Right now the water level is just bubbling right below the netted coco coir I started it in.

@Covertgrower Today is day 20. Up until 2 days ago I had my water touching the bottom of the net pot because of recommendations I had seen about seedling water level, then I decided to drop the water to 2 inches below with the water change, also started 2 ml of UC Roots, per gallon, and cal mag. The very next day the roots exploded out of the net pot. Now vegetative growth seems to have slowed a bit, and the roots are catching up. Am I on the right track? Should I have had the water level lower the whole time?

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You’re correct. You do want the water level a bit lower, as you adjusted it. She looks good, just give a bit more time, and she will take a off again.
Most growers top feed until their roots make it to the water. This encourages root development.

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Thanks a lot. That’s what I was thinking, but it was really difficult to make myself finally separate it from the water! It looks okay to me as a plant in general, I’m really excited every day when it seems to be doing well, or even just living. This has been really entertaining to watch and maintain. Definitely found myself a rewarding new hobby. It’s really interesting how much I’m learning from the plant itself.

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