First timer Looking for feed back from the pros

Hey I’m a first time grower working on a budget… I’m using 600w led grow light and two 60w grow bulbs on 3 plants in a 2x2x3 grow tent …I know this isn’t ideal for a great grow but I’m working with what I have…I’ve done some Low stress to try and maximize the space…I’m in the 4th week of flower and just wondering how I’m doing so far


Welcome to the community! Your plants don’t look bad at all. We all start on a budget. Once you prove the concept your budget will grow! They are a little dark green maybe from a little tool much N but not horrible because only the very tips of your fan leaves show minimal burn. Keep doing what you are doing and above all else be patient. You still have at least a month to go and harvesting early is the worst thing you can do.


They look great from here

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Thanks for the feed back. It nice to hear it from people who have all ready done it.

Thanks a lot!

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Whats your boggle? They look good. :sunglasses: