First timer looking for advice(update from 2 weeks ago)

I made a post on here about 2 weeks on here now deleted just wanted to give an update see if you all have any advice. It will be greatly appreciated.

2 weeks ago(May 4th)

Plants were 22 days from sprout

6 bag seeds from very good bud

Planted each seed straight in 5 gal buckets with 10 1/4” holes in bottom for drainage outdoors

Using miracle grow performance organic potting mix no nutes

Germinated in wet napkin prior to planting

Getting about 7-8 hours of direct sunlight

Watering every 2-3 days with 2gal’s of tap water split between the 6 plants

Live in southeast us and weather was all over the place

Ph around 7

Advice given on my last post was to change soil and water less.

Update and changes made(May 18th)

36 days from sprout now

About 6 days ago (May 12th) I Switched to roots organic original soil on all 6 plants and used same 5 gal buckets. Completely got rid of the miracle grow

Been using a moisture meter to measure moisture content and I haven’t watered them since transplanting to roots organic soil. We did get some rain today and they got some water today.

Ph is now 6.2-6.5

Weather and sun have became a lot more consistent lately

My plans, statements, and questions:

I took all of the advice from the previous thread I posted and applied it. Thank you all so much. I believe the advice definitely helped. It is now deleted due to paranoia and my location lol. I plan to transplant to 30 gallon smart pots once sex is determined and I’m being conservative and estimating 2/6 will be female. Trashing males immediately after identifying. I mixed up some sub cool super soil and it is currently “cooking”. I plan to use 1/2 super soil and 1/2 roots organic on top when I transplant to 30 gallon and I don’t plan on using any nutes. They are in the woods in my backyard where I cleared out a spot for them to get good sunlight. I have it camouflaged well but I would prefer for them to stay below the 6’ fence line. Pics from 2 weeks ago and pics from today attached. I know I made plenty of mistakes in the beginning like the following; straight to 5 gal buckets, using miracle gro, overwatering, and I’m sure some things I haven’t realized yet.

I’m looking for any advice/input on the improvements I’ve made and opinions on my future plans. Also, please give me any feedback on how the plants look now and anything you all notice from pics or info I need to do differently please. Thank you all so much in advance!! This is a great forum by the way I love it here


They look pretty good. I’m not an outdoor grower, so have very little to offer you. But, once they get bigger you may want to take a cutting from each and try to put them somewhere you can manipulate light to sex them.


They do look good. I’ve no experience in outdoor grows either but so far so good. Just for the record, there’s a few low fliers here who are not on the right side of the law, myself included :wink:. Keeping them under the 6 foot fence will be a challenge. Good luck on your grow and going to tag along if that’s ok :sunglasses:

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Thank you. I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what exactly does that mean?

Thank you. I’m probably going to dig a hole and place the 30gal pots in the ground once transplanted to take the height down some. No problem with tagging along, I will continue showing the progress.

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A cutting? Like a clone, or small branch with couple sets of leaves on it. When your plants get bigger you remove a small branch like that from plant and put it somewhere with reduced light time to induce it to flower. Then you can see if its male or female.


Wow that is awesome. I definitely have a lot to learn lol. I will definitely plan to do that because I was curious how to tell sex early. I was looking into genetic testing and stuff, but that seemed pricey and risky for a stealth bagseed backyard grow.

I will definitely look more into what you suggested. Thank you so much!

So basically; I cut a branch once it gets bigger, plant in soil, reduce lighting time, induce flowering of that branch by reducing light and that will determine sex? Is that the basis of the concept? Could I just put the branch in soil in like a 1 gal bucket and leave indoors half of the day and that will induce flowering? If I don’t do that will I not be able to tell the sex until nature reduces daylight hours and flowering starts?

Sorry for all the questions. I’m sure I could find some of my answering by searching this forum and online, but you all take the time give answers and advice. Thank you so much for answering my rookie questions. You all on this forum truly help out and I’m very grateful.


Honestly, you don’t even have to do that. As long as plant is mature enough to flower, you can just put it in glass of ph’d water. It will live long enough to determine sex.


Welcome to the forum. Camo your buckets. Orange will stand out from above and ground level.

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When exactly should I cut them to clone in order to sex early?

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I actually plan to bury the buckets tomorrow to make the buckets completely invisible basically.


So, just cut part of plant once it gets a little bigger, put in a cup of ph’d water (like a flower in a vase),put cup in complete darkness for 12 hours and outside for 12 hours, then it will start to flower in cup of water, and that will determine sex?


I wouldn’t do it any earlier than maybe 5 weeks old. Plant should start to show sex within 7-10 days in most cases. But yes just like flower in a vase, and put somewhere with 12 hours or less of light. Doesn’t even have to be outside, just complete darkness for 12 hours or more. If it gets a little bit of light for extra couple hours it won’t flower, so that part is kind of exact.

You can look up some cloning videos on YouTube to get good idea of what to do. Only disregard any of the bs about anything that has to do with actually getting it to root. You don’t care about that if you’re just checking sex of plant. You don’t need to worry about rooting hormones, different media, or any of that stuff. Cut it properly and get to 12/12 or less.