First timer just saying Hi

My first grow!
I have always killed plants- but so far these are doing good!
I will post more on soil, my set up etc later. I just wanted to say hi and I am happy I found some like minded individuals.
I did a ton of research before I started. I will try to look around before I ask questions that have already been asked a ton.
I would like to talk with growers local to me for advice etc but I also know the reality of trust and privacy.


hi I am still killing them

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Hello and good luck.

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Welcome to ILGM!

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Welcome I do my best to try and kill them too. He great folks here have helped me succeed.


Welcome to the community!

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Welcome mama and I too normally end up killing plants…cannabis, tomatoes etc etc…just that it’s at the end of their life cycle…Harvest is a wonderful thing…I’m sure you will get to taste the fruits of your labor too!