First Timer - Is it time to harvest? Trichomes Pics

Hello ILGM Community!!!

This is my first grow. My 5 outdoor White Widow Autoflowers have had to contend with my inexperience, challenging upstate NY weather and some pesky pests, but here they are at roughly 80 days!

I was hoping the community could lend their expertise and guide me to the next milestone: HARVEST

I tried to capture some pics through my jeweler’s loupe (not easy) to share the trichomes status. I am still finding new white pistols. The plants are showing various degrees of yellowing / deteriorating fan leaves. This was an organic grow with just Brut Worm Castings super soil concentrate and potting soil. No nutes were added other than some homemade Cal Mag (epsom + milk) and Growganica Bulk (P & K) in the last 2 weeks based on some members advice.

Anyhoo… what do y’all think? Any advide? THANK YOU ALL!!!

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Nice job👍 as far as harvest time, I’m still standing by it’s a personal preference and the kind of high you’re looking for 🤷 I ordered photos and mine are just starting to flower, so yay you!!


You need better pics your looking at the very ends of the trichromes when about half brown or so depending on what you like

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I would wait probably another week give or take. Once I started seeing 20% amber trichomes but as mentioned above, it’s a personal preference

If you want a more heady high, you could chop now as long as all the trichomes are cloudy

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Yeah… the pics are lousy. Looking through the loupe I’d say I’m still seeing clear trichs mixed in, and no amber to speak of. Given that I’m also seeing new white pistol growth, then I’m probably looking at another week plus?

I know the common mistake is for novices to chop too soon… but how long is the ideal harvest window open? In other words, is it easy to miss the boat by waiting too long?

Many thanks

It may just be the way I grow autos but they seem to say I’m finished by how rough around the edges they get.
This is a white widow auto on day 87. Lower leaves going which is normal but the leaves in the buds are still green.

Trichomes are getting there. Mostly cloudy. Clear and some amber here and there.

Day 100

I think you have more time. See what your plant tells you in a week or two


When 1/2 of the trichrome has turned amber, not 50% of the trichromes. Theres a pic on here some where. every plant every person is different too much light is as bad as not enough not enough nutrients not enough THC then list goes on. Pick a bud dry it and try it probably not the main cola. Better to keep dark 24 hours before picking starches go into soil at night better tasting or at least harvest before 1st light. Its all on here. Good luck

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This should help you to decide.

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At least a week or two. Make sure you’re looking at the flower and not the sugar leaves.

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This is worth the 10 minute watch on the subject. I know @oldmarine has shared this a few times as well.


Yes she is done :heavy_check_mark:, water starve her and put it in the dark for 3 days and you’ll love it !

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Thank you, yoshi, and everyone else who shared their wisdom.

The plants will enter the darkness tomorrow (Friday) morning, and will be harvested early monday.

I’ve been trying to create an ideal drying environment (empty closet) for the next chapter, but balancing the ideal temp and humidity is a challenge. The averages over the past week in the closet have been 74 F and 58% humidity. The room is dark, and I have a gentle fan blowing - facing a wall. I know I’m missing the bulls eye, but is this too far off?…. Any thoughts ?

Thank you.

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@mattg74 I think it will take a much longer drying time :timer_clock: but it can work in that closet . I used the top of my tent as it’s always a stable drying climate , so I ran a nylon stringer across the top post and I hang my drying racks from that and it works pretty damn accurately and time efficient for curing .

I hung them above the lights while letting the last buds go to the full amberish tone . Just make sure they not directly in the lights are under the lights height for the most so you don’t lose much trichomes deteriation, but it’s prime temp and humidity for drying in my case .

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@mattg74 did you zoom in and see the temp and humidity on the hygrometer in the back ground of the bottom photo and it stays about that range all the time except lights out .

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thank you, @yoshi. How many days before moving to jars do your buds typically take with that setup?

5 - 8 days max , I think I have some final product shots , if not I’ll definitely make some next time if I can get this figured out again to grow one. Lol !
I’ve been having the hardest time with this Auto plant all of sudden , but it’s still growing and I have no idea how it’s not fried to a crisp, Ph at 8.6 and ppm at 2840 and it’s not even a month old yet . It looks like it’s trying to start preflowering and stretch , I have not fed it nothing but 3.5 ph water , I did sprinkled a tablespoon of crush dolomite on top but that’s it , Roots Organic soil / mixed with 8 year old bag of Pro-mix #4 is crazy hot :fire: I’m guessing, I was using Happy Frog soil mixing it with the Pro-mix and it was a better blend I think , from what I’m noticing .
But from the looks of it the auto is surviving and its growing slowly but its not burning .
This mix is not good for flushing , the water retention ability is crazy :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I’m just waiting it out to see what happens , and I think the last reading I had the ph to 6.8 coming out and ppm was 2460 maybe . I’m debating to start more seeds in just roots organic or Promix plain :thinking:, I was trying to used all what I had left before changing brands as I plan , but I’m also wondering if I can spread out on a tarp and cook it in the heat and spray it and maybe balance out the dirt before I put another seed .