First timer inside

Last years outdoor porn.

WiFi og
And gelato
From clone
Did for fun last year when a bro gave me 5 clones
Got near 2 lbs, still have a few jars I’m nursing.

Could have done way better if I fed them. I gave them zero nutes just what the soil had to give.
Watered on my home timer with my garden so it was very little work.
Had bug issues with inch worms from the cabbage butterflies.
Used bt to control

Not doing out this year, it stunk up my whole hood. Neighbors were cool but a couple were not stoked.

Can’t smell my tent at all.

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They look incredible man! :beers:

So in socal close to the beach we have may grey and June gloom. Morning fog. This whole week humidity in my yard is 85%+
I am running a space heater and just added a new larger dehumidifier to the shed
My tent is at 64% most morning this week and drops to 60 during the day.

My question to more experienced growers….Will I have risk of mold at 65% for part of the day.
I will likely have this issue through the remaining weeks of flower. I am starting week 5.
Dense garden. See above pics.
4 fans in tent!

Don’t really have room in the tent for the dehu I have it in the shed.

6in fan ducts to outside, set to 60 hu, it has been humming at lvl 9 all week!

Just don’t want to mess up my hard work!!
Thanks in advance

@Prock your setup looks excellent, digging the massive lighting scheme! I don’t have an answer to your humidity situation, just wanted to wish you well, but I bet one of these boss azz growmies in here will soon!! Good luck!

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If you have sufficient airflow, mold is less of a risk.

However, 65% and warm temps is pretty much prime mold territory. If you can increase the speed on your exhaust fan to try and get that RH down, I would. Or if you need to slow it down and run a dehumidifier to get it lower, that would work too.

I see this now.

Can you get the dehuey as close as possible to the intake for your tent? That way you’re pulling in the dehumidified air into the tent before other air - it may help.

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Close as possible and now Running two dehu today hovering at 59 to 61 Temps at 73 to 75.
Got 4 fans in box
Trimming smaller flowers that are shaded by bigger flowers.

Clipping from last two days…
Gonna continue defoliation as I see fit to help air flow.
Hurts to cut off flowers but I am convinced it is for the greater good!!

Tips are appreciated!!!

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That’s a better range. Scary close to mold territory but should be outside it.

You’re dead on - removing anything unnecessary to increase the airflow is perfect. :v:

Ok week five is closing.
Eye up the progress…smelling good, can’t load the scratch and sniff app…I phone!!!

The veg box needed an addition. I added a bit to the base and re did the sides. Still too small but all I gots!


@Prock getting her done DIY style!! That’s some creativity my man!!

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Ok so the riskiest part of my grow is upon me….surf trip to Mexico.
I have enlisted a few trusted caregivers and left my directions and pre mixed nutes.
Fingers crossed. My first report came in today.
All looks good

Fingers crossed.
Getting by with help from friends.
They are eagerly waiting the harvest!!!

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What are friends for if not this???


One was a bit worried about the responsibility so I enlisted a team!!!
They are all stoked to get an eye on the process.
I will reward them well!!!

Surf is coming tooo!!! 4to6foot for the rest of the trip.

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Ok today’s report has me worried

Not sure what this is. Any ideas???

Not if they were following directions. I trust they are.

Ph issue?
Did I mix my nutes to rich??

My instinct would be to water next with only cal mag and silica…no nutes.

Any tips would be appreciated

My gut says beginning of a phosphorus deficiency but I won’t swear I have a clue that’s right. @PurpNGold74 i need your eyes, Growmie. :v:

@Prock I wouldn’t think it’s overwatering since the leaves are still sitting up, no wilt. This is a good time for one of those charts @MidwestGuy or @Newt or maybe @OGIncognito may have? I’m with @Graysin on thinking it’s going to be something on the P or K side. Maybe one of these bomb azz growers will assist?

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Thanks Graysin!
This is what I got back from my caregiver…I’ll be back on Thursday night but like to be reacting quick here!

I’ll get more pics in the morning.
I was thinking just water and cal mag for tomorrow !?!?

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If they’re already hungry, I wouldn’t start cutting out nutrients without more info.


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Looks like very early Calcium deficiency to me. But this early, it is hard to be certain.

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I am in week 7 flower.

Would you bump a bit more cal mag into the mix for tomorrows watering??

Keep in mind I am extra desperate as I am out of town and have care givers in charge.

I will get mare pics in the morning…

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