First timer inside

My thoughts exactly.
Yet if I start a two week flush on Monday. Harvest would still be three weeks out….I have not flushed before. I have never really added nutes to my outside grows.
The flush seems like a timing game…

I wil know better by the end of the week when I get home. I can decide this weekend if I want to hold a bit more.



I have never flushed. I see no reason. We don’t flush fruit trees etc. :man_shrugging:t3: I can’t be helpful with the flush timing but I can say it would be reasonable to expect having 2-3 weeks before harvest.


No flush. I thought it was pretty standard to flush.
Now something else for me to research!!!
Thanks :blush:

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It is an incredibly common practice but the only evidence of anything I have seen surface is that flushing is just bro science. @Nicky had an article somewhere from High Times about blind taste testing. Most often, smokers preferred the flavor of the unflushed bud. Sorta makes some sense to me since the flush serves to make the plant begin consuming itself as nutrients to finish flowering (the idea being that it removes all the “bad” from the nutrients, but that in and of itself makes no logical sense. You used the nutrients to build the plant and create the bud. The nutrients are literally a part of the plant’s cellular structure. Rinsing the soil after you finish growing isn’t going to make that not true).


There is now a study, as well as hightikes panel.
Flushing actually increases heavy metala like iron and we get some cool colors but if your going after smoke and taste flush is a negative.
Bag appeal with certain strains flush can really bring out colors.

Some swear by it but blind tests and other more true data says no.

Try both with a clones and see what you prefer but don’t sweat it.


Let me save you some time…

Why do I flush? I don’t have to mix nutes for a couple of weeks.


Mind is blown.
Guess I don’t have to flush!!

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@Prock @Newt @Nicky @Graysin what I said only made sense in my head lol. Hence the edit. :man_shrugging:

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This is a great reason. I seem to favor systems that share the reservoir, so it would really cramp my style to have to go buy, build, and set up a secondary reservoir just for flushing. :v:


Must be referring to a hydro set up.

I’m in soil so flush would make my life a bit easier. No nutes to mix.

But based on the research I read I am just gonna keep doing my thing.

I should get more pics here in a bit…


Correct. And since the idea is to no longer feed, I also don’t even bother checking the pH during the flush.


Yep. Saves money on nutes but doesn’t actually do anything to help the plant. Just yourself. :v:


@Newt Say Whaaaaaaat?? SINNER!! :japanese_goblin:

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Soil less aka coco autopots actually.
Solid advice from solid members here @Newt & @Graysin

The faster you move to coco the more you’ll love growing btw.

In soil I would just regular water and not mix nutes for the last bit. Don’t need to flush per say.


Yes coco is what a friend is using with great results. I mean great!
He is guarding his process but giving us some info. I understand why, and and happy for any of his wisdom after enjoying his results!!!

Without his full recipe I decided to go semi rogue and create my own formula.

Which led me to ILGM!…and to coco future!

For my current finish stage I will likely have a jug or two of my mix leftover.
I will just use it up.
Probably dilute it down for a week or so and then just water for the very finish.

Another question…
Outside I have always decided when the harvest would happen and not water at all until the plants were bone dry at harvest.

Same for inside?
Does it matter?

Always under impression it makes plant dry better and drives all energy to bud to save it…

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I don’t like to dry my plants out before harvest because we want as long as dry as possible Wich leads to a good cure.

Taking the plant from full mosture level to 62% humidity should be done as slow as possible, this is why people in dry climates like myself dry inside of a tent with a humidfior and a fan blowing to circulate the air.

A fast dry or cure is bad…
The idea is to remove the water slowly enough to let biological processes take place that convert the sugars and starches into harmless and flavorful compounds. Sugar or starch will give a harsh smoke that hurts the lungs.
Plants need sugars to live on and they produce them from fertilizer and sunlight. This curing process also breaks down some of the chlorophyll which give herb it’s green color. Too much chlorophyll gives an unwanted leafy taste.



I don’t! Knowledge is best when shared. :wink:

I’m with @Nicky on this one. I wouldn’t intentionally dry out my plants. Perhaps wait til the soil was dry for easy removal of the root mass, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to let the plant itself dry up and crisp. I had a plant in hydro who did that all on her own when I damaged her root structure. Ended up giving all the bud I could salvage to a friend in need - she smoked it, but definitely didn’t ask if there was any more.

:arrow_up_small: couldn’t have said it better myself. Harvest while the plant is still living and let the buds dry slow and steady. I find 65-70°F with 50-60% RH is my sweet spot. I favor a 65°/50% dry personally, but I like a quicker dry and a longer cure. The key is not drying so fast that the trichomes become brittle and fall off.

And headaches. At least that’s my vague and loose understanding.


Thanks all.
I am soaking all this in. Feels like college but fun!!!

Greysin I am on your page about info share. But I understand he is protecting his income.
He has been stressed with dropping market and all.
Not my motive or desire.

Gonna be happy to cut back my purchases but my network is still going to support him.

My daily update from my caregivers. I will be home tonight to inspect in person.

Skunk no1

Hawaiian skunk

Tahoe og

He did not label the pics but I know my girls…

Random shots…


I owe a lot to the boys who had my back the last 9 days. Sweet rewards appear to be in our future.

Thanks to all here who have helped me here this week too!!!
2 puffs to you as well!!


That’s pretty impressive. I’ve only got a couple I could pick out of a crowd. :v:

Yeah I understand both sides quite well. I see no harm sharing the knowledge personally, as I seriously doubt the majority of folks who could obtain the information to grow successfully would ever actually do it. There’s something to be said about folks like us who love growing the plant and the amount of patience that takes. I have not known many a stoner to be overwhelmingly patient unless already stoned! :joy:

but I do feel his anxiety that the wrong person gaining the knowledge he has worked so hard to build could undermine his business. It’s hard to remember how sh!tty some people are when we’re surrounded by the positivity this place has to offer. I try to carry it with me everywhere in life.

Woohoo! Long wait for you, I’m glad you’ll be reunited soon. They were definitely in loving hands while you were away.

Throughout the early part of the grow I saw a barely noticeable bump on my electric bill then bumped about 75 bucks. In flower I added a light for the clones. Added dehumidifier and ac. Added heater.
So basically this last five weeks I have tried to make it all auto activated cuz my surf trip was coming.

Got an angry text from the wife….bill is up by 300 plus this time!!!
Not gonna kill me but she is not pleased!

So my clones that were slated to fill my tent are going to spend the summer outside. At least my timing is good on that.

Gonna use the tent to do the cure and then fire it up in late fall after the outdoor are done.

I don’t want to fight the elements all summer to keep it from cooking And really do not want to piss the little lady off more than usual!!!

If I could get out of the shed and into the spare room then I would be better insulated, but till then it is seasonal I think.