First timer indoor, new journal: Black Widow, Bruce Banner and GDP photos

I’ve been taking a heavy handful of leaves almost every time I go in so I don’t have to pull off line 60% at once. Get them trimmed down slowly so I don’t shock em silly

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@Underthestairs I just got finished doing a little of that. Bruce Banner needed it. Other girls just a little tucking. But Brucie is catching up in the trichome dept. Just some bud shots…

Bruce Banner…

Black Widow…


And the suspected excess nitrogen in the PoisonBerry Auto…


When did you start flower? We’re pretty damn close to each other for harvest I feel like

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I think within the same week as you. The auto started right about Christmas time. Photos maybe a week-ish later. I want to do like a 1 plant growing, just a friendly thing, after I harvest all these.

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Nice. Yeah I’m counting my start of flower as New Year’s day

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I’ve been posting pics, let me go back and look.

I’m so pumped for next weekend. It’ll be a trip to Connecticut to visit family, stopping in Rhode island on the way because our favorite glass shop ordered the bong I’ve been looking for since they’re having a buy any piece of glass and the next of equal or lesser value is only 4.20$

Then major defoliation. :metal:

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Man my dates are all screwed since we were sick a few weeks ago. Ok, so I’m barely a week into flower with the photos. I’m gonna say the 8th. The auto is just over 3 weeks.

Photo flower day January 7th. I should be marking days better. I know this. But I’m not.

Auto flower week 3. Insert marking days comment again.

That’s really cool. Weather won’t be like last week I hope. It’d be nice to go on a short tip, but man we ain’t doing sxxx. Me and the youngest were sick over Christmas. Now my wife and middle are sick. I just want a day that I can get up really early, then immediately feed the girls at 6am when lights come on. After that, go sit at the beach with a pole and stay til they close the pier.

That ain’t happening today!!!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you son

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Thanks man. And fxxx all that. No way. It just dropped from 65-55 here in about a half hour. Already hit the high. Low is like 38

That’s a fast swing. We got some cyclone warnings or something crazy for Sunday Monday. I’ve got the generator ready. These plants aren’t going cold and dark twice in one grow if I can help it

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Your bud coming in nicely

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Mixed a gallon of 421 for the auto. Fed her about a quart. Will feed her at that ratio for a few days to see how she does.


Long day. Girls all fed this morning. @Underthestairs thanks for looking out with the 421 suggestion. Auto looking a better already. Claw gone and she was reaching when I got to glance in earlier this afternoon.

Beeeeeeeeeeat. Turning in early tonight. :woozy_face::face_with_head_bandage::sleeping::yawning_face::green_heart::palm_tree:


Glad she’s looking right man!

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Great 2 know that Jack’s is doing great 4 u

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Some good morning shots. Did a little bit of nip-tuck. Nothing major. Just snipped a few leaves here and there to open up a tad and redirect the growth. Little buds everywhere! Some of the hairs on the auto are starting to turn red. Like 1 out of 100.

GDP. I think she may make into BOM next month. More than likely April, be nice to win a little something my birthday month…



PBA (those initials sound like something from a microbrewery)…

And the family…


Really looking good :+1:

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Everything is n looking amazing man