First timer indoor, new journal: Black Widow, Bruce Banner and GDP photos

Same here. I try, but.

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I don’t even pretend to try anymore

I don’t think many people have much to learn thumbing through my trainwreck of a “journal” :joy:


Lmao. My other one looked more like a prozac grow diary lol.


Did it? I didn’t notice. :rofl:


Mine looks like a “oh wait, I have not updated in a month…here’s the plant, looks exactly the same…see you in a month or so


I mean I may have gotten a little emotional here and there :wink:. Total 180 on this grow, though.

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It doesn’t hurt that you’ve learned a ton, and have seen how resilient these ladies can be.

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I can give say without a doubt, 99% of what I’ve learned is from you and everybody on this forum. I’m not on any other. And I’m not huge at typing a sxxx load of weed searches in my Google.

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I’m also not on any others… I couldn’t handle trying to interact with more than I have here. Now that I’ve got the new job I feel like I barely have time to stay up to date on here as it is.

It’s always easier for me to help when you can see that people have been reading for answers. You’ve certainly done your share

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I almost don’t like putting info on new topics, but I’ve been given so much knowledge, it’s like it has to be given away.

It’s only fair to give back what you’ve taken.

I try to jump in when I can so the heavy hitters can sit back and help people who’ve been around trouble shoot the bigger things and not get so bogged down by the newbie crap I jumped on the forum to wank about


PoisonBerry Auto…

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Yup. One and done for forums. Glad this was the one I landed on.


Same. Helluva place to stumble into. Better than college.


Man, let me tell ya, I had to get the big clippers for this one. I was lucky my wrist didn’t break just from holding her up for this shot. I almost didn’t even want to post this :man_facepalming:t3:.

One thing, though, her smell right now, is definitely telling me to get a bigger, better fan and filter system. I cut, washed and hung her up to drip dry, then I took my dog for a run. I can smell her out front… Of my neighbors house :grimacing:. I’m going to hang her in grow room. Rh has stayed between 50-55% and temps in upper 60’s. Should only take her about 4-5 days.

Wife should still be happy…


Tasty looking buds man.

I feel you on ventilation! I just ordered my AC infinity t6 last night. Should be a nice upgrade from the cheap piece of junk that came with my Mars Hydro kit


This one had a smell in the tent, but that was if it was open and I had the filter down because of rh or low temp or whatever. Not strong, though. But if I have another of her (better freaking be bigger too lol)and then the 3 photos flowering at the same time at some point, then out of precaution I gotta get another.


Day 13 begins…

I guess they took the transplant well. All standing up nicely. And the PoisonBerry Auto popped up overnight, also. She seems more promising then previous PB attempts, as she germed and sprouted in a shorter time frame.

Almost 5 nodes on the bigger girls, so it’s getting close to start trying some LST. I think that Yelena, the Black Widow, will be my fim/topping candidate. I don’t know what to do, if anything, to Betsy, the Grand Daddy Purple. She may just ride. Lou-Lou, the Bruce Banner, will have to get some kind of training. She isn’t really growing faster as far as more new growth. She is just bulking up much more than the others.

Anyways, a few ml’s for the PB some time today, and that’s it.

Here they be…






@Pet_de_Chien @Underthestairs

With LST, what node do you usually wait to appear, before bending them over?

And with topping/FIMming what node do you wait for?

I’ve read 5-6 for topping and FIMming. And LST basically whenever. The 4th set of leaves are developing so I’m thinking like 5-7 days for topping/FIMming? IDK.

Same 5-6 for me…Just an educated guess that the root structure has gotten in full gear and your not gonna stress em so much to get a negative response, even with a topping/FIM. Plus, I’m a little heavy handed, so gentleness with them is not my forte.

Using that last photo - at least twice that size and when the stem is a good green and slightly “fluted”.

At this stage there isn’t much to LST except the main, its just a bunch of tiny, tiny branches and some fan leaves - although I see plenty of pics here with folks LSTing the fan leaves… Huh? head scratch…