First timer indoor, new journal: Black Widow, Bruce Banner and GDP photos

I want to keep my girls somewhat squatty. So I ordered a 15 pack 6" plastic pots to transfer before homing them because that is exactly how to get the opposite of squatty plants. Seems legit right? :man_facepalming:t3:

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They are growing nice and quickly!!


Short plants are genetics and lighting. That’s why crap light makes leggy babies. You’ll see some tall girls living in solo cups as well.

If you want to control height do it with light


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When mixing Coco with Jack’s, and applying mykos and azos to the medium, would it be ok to expand it first, then apply the mykos and azos and mix it in? Rest is journal stuff y’all can skip.

Oi, the curve balls. Haven’t got a dry area ready yet, so I’m waiting until Friday morning, first thing, to chop, wash and hang Suzan. Temps will stay low enough for a week or so after, that I’ll have no issue getting close to ideal temp/rh for drying. So about a 4 day dry for her tiny butt, then 2 days in the paper bag, then maybe I can fill two ¼oz Grove bags with her.

PB#2 has been in the paper towel for a few hours. Accidently soaked a couple hours longer than I would have liked. If this one doesn’t germ, then I know, at the least, this strain is crap to grow. From ILGM, I’ve germed 7 of 8 seeds successfully, and the 1 that didn’t was my own doing and I know the reason. Because of other reasons, I’ve only managed to harvest 2 successfully, but 3 of the successful germs are sitting in the tent right now growing like insert goofy pun.

This will be the 4th PoisonBerry from another company, of which 2 rotted, and the third is a 3 leaf mutant. My own hands didn’t help in her development, nor did the seasonal timing, but growth wise, well, she better be potent AF, I’ll say that.

So, after Luca and I jog tonight, I’m going to go ahead and start mixing Jack’s with some mykos and azos, and expanding coco. I’m dropping the PoisonBerry into the 1 gallon bag where she’ll stay, and have some 6" pots on the way, where the photos will go in a few days.

Yes, and why be wasteful unless your a rich man, microbes are only beneficial in the root zone. (this should be qualified to root inoculant microbes)


Ok, so would it be better to just apply to the hole? Or would it help to mix with the bottom ⅓ of the pot and apply to the hole. I know Coco doesn’t hold anything really so I don’t want to just basically wash it away.

Mycorrhizae in the transplant hole is all she’ll need.


That is probably the easiest, or water in at the stem right after an up-pot. Some dunk the plant-rootball in a bowl of it mycos mixed in nutes before planting… I’m sure we could come up with a dozen ways to get to the same place.

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Lol there’s a million already and figuring them out is confusing

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They gentlemen spoke my mind.

PB#2 has cracked!!!

My 1 gallons will be here tonight. ½ gallon plastic pots came in, in case I decide to go that route with any of them. I also ordered more canna Coco bricks, and I’m not ordering anything else, I swear. Tonight, around 9 or so, I’m going to put the tadpole into a 1 gallon and let her ride. Light’s been adjusted so that I can raise it higher later on if I need to. I went ahead and turned it back to 133w, about 30" from the girls. Everybody has said to leave it at that intensity, so there it will stay and height adjustments will be made when necessary.

Starting to get really exciting! Thanks for the help so far everybody!


Since I don’t use coco or Jacks, not sure I can offer any advice. Sorry.


Day 10 in the books…

PB is in the Jack’s loaded coco. Did the solo cup. I know, I’m indecisive. Little Azos, little Mykos. Will put her in a 1 gallon bag in a couple weeks.

All the babies got 30ml tonight. PPM at 1145, pH at 5.8. I’m so amazed at how much better they are starting than any previous germinated seeds. Hopefully by Friday, the PB will pop her head up.


Also, Deftones just came out with their own cannabis. Freaking sweet, if you can legally obtain it :unamused:


Crazy. I’ll have to look into it. They one of my favorites

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I follow them on YouTube and they just posted it a while ago. Called Passenger. I love Steven Carpenter’s playthrough’s he’s posted recently

Daily update…

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving bro


Happy Thanksgiving brother.


I know it’s really up to me, but when is a good time to get the girls out of the solo cups?