First Timer Indoor GSC Auto

What day is it on? Looks like my day 54 autos.

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Looked up the meta data, the pic is day 47 from sprout

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Oh! One more update, the sons o bitches at ILGM never sent me anything for that herm. They held strong on that “pop some more seeds” idea. Which I will do, maybe. Not impressed, I was hoping they would do something to save face, since it is quite the endeavor for a first timer. Oh well. I will reserve my final judgment after harvest and cure, if I make it!

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I did some defoliation on the big plant several days ago, it responded well so I am going to do it again in a few more days. The frost is piling on and the smell is hard to describe, loud menthol with some nose burn to it, almost like the plants are flammable? Here is a pic the Small plant, as you can see it has some yellowing at the tips still. I did a flush with the fox farm sledgehammer, any other suggestions?

The plant looks healthy aside from the yellowing tips, and Big plant next to it has no such yellowing. This plant, even though it is called Small, is about 5" taller than its bushy companion. The lower leaf tips aren’t as yellow, but the canopy is still 18-20" away from the light, so I find it hard to believe this could be light burn.

Appreciate the help as always!

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They sent me a $99 gift code. So basically a 2/3 back (I paid $149 plus shipping for the GSCE seeds). Now I have to decide which strain to purchase


It just looks like a little bit of nutrient burn on the tips which I like to see it tells me they’re getting fed as much as they can handle. Of course you don’t want to give more food than you are now and watch that it doesn’t get worse

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They are drying out today after the flush, she is already looking better, so I think you are spot on. And it makes sense, I took a lazy approach to measuring. This girl is in a 3-gallon plastic pot, the shorter bushier plant is in 7 gallon fabric. I have been measuring for the 7 and giving the half of the rate to the 3, but half of 7 is obviously 3.5. I will cut that back from here on out, and next run just going to do five gallon fabric. I wanted to experiment with different pots this first time, but in hindsight, all it has done has stirred up baseless things in my head like “this plant is stretchy because of the smaller pot”. Thanks!!

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I am starting to see some lovely purple and orange colors on the tallest cola on Big

Temps getting down to 64 at night and still keeping humidity at 40% and below. Frosting up nicely and still smells like menthol

How much time do you think I have left??? When should I stop feeding?

The other plant Small is still like the exact opposite, I think she is more appealing, no purple but a lot less leafy and better bud structure

As you can see she is still having some tip issues but I don’t think it is anything major yet

Thanks all! Any advice or guidance is welcome and appreciated. I am proud and little bit shocked to have made it this far, but need to finish strong.

Another month or so

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Damn thought I was closer! I have been feeding on Sundays, do you think I should I give two more feedings before I start to flush them?

Feed for at least a few more weeks. You only feed once a week? I’m at day 66 and have a few more weeks and I’m just feeding molasses water now. I feed every watering

Sorry I meant top dress, specifically with the happy frog fruit & flower. I thought this stuff was kinda slow release, so that was my concern – too much top dress hindering my ability to flush. With waterings I have been trying to follow the happy frog schedule for the nutrient solution twice a week (with the big bloom, cal mag, kelp, etc), but there have been several plain waterings in between I have also done the sledgehammer flush twice. Every time I water I try to keep the pH to 6.5 but I do not have a bluelab meter I am using the old drops. These later stages call for this “bembe” which I assume has sugar/molasses in it, all I know is it dropped the pH of my tap water tremendously and for the first time ever I got to utilize the pH up. Thanks for the reply, and that is a beautiful plant, just now I went and hunted down your post and followed it! Cheers

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Small is developing pubescent acne or some shit like that!

Some research suggests a P or K deficiency? The plant does not appear unhealthy otherwise, and oddly enough the very lower leaves do not have any of this spotting. Not sure what to do, I think I might give it a good flush soon