First Timer Indoor GSC Auto

You can kinda see some of the hairs from my pic of Small a couple days ago, but they have gotten more pronounced since

You can either cull it or do the daily inspect and castration. I have not had a hermie yet but I have found a few seeds in buds probably from hidden nanners.

“Castration” haha that is the word I was looking for this morning. I used tweezers this morning. I think if I see one more, I will go ahead and cut it down and get some photos going in here while the other auto finishes. Thanks again

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If it is a female that Hermed, you can keep clipping the balls as they appear, it’s just a lot more tedious work. But if you miss one or some, then both plants will seed. It’s all up to what you want to do with it. The plant they are on will slow down female flower production and move it’s energy towards seed production, ultimately decreasing your yield in all areas. Potency, weight. The other plant, if it becomes pollinated will do the same.


How long does it take approx for one of these to generate? It seemed to my like this nut was busted (sorry) overnight.

The plant that threw nanners near the end seems to be the only one that produced any seeds of note. And not like full on herm, but “some” seeds.

The other plants… I know I’ve found one or two, but no more really. As I get into the jars more I’m sure I’ll find another couple. Happened so late into flower there wasn’t so much time for damage.


Also 4-7 months invested in something that could have just been restarted early should be considered. Sometimes playing the had you’re dealt means folding to get to the next hand :).


That is a good point, and there is always the exciting prospect of popping something new. I have some Mephisto and Night Owl gathering dust, I started with the ILGM because I assumed they would be the most fool-proof

The beans I found instigated 300+ dollars leaving my wallet today for a par meter. I’m just going to dial in the intensity suggested for various stages/ages of growth to avoid any guessing. I have an SE7000 in the 4X4 now and don’t want to vaporize these little f***ers.

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I can’t imagine light intensity is to blame in my situation, although I did just crank this to 60% on Monday so it is plausible. But we are 21" away from canopy at least. And it is only 60%. I know this light is powerful but is it really that powerful?

What PAR meter did you get? I have done quite a bit of research on light measurement, and I decided if I am going to hit that level of dedication I will no doubt spring for the Apogee extended range quantum sensor has the bluetooth data logger. Unfortunately it is about $600 and the little earthlings in my house would rather have a PS5 with that kinda money!

I compromised a bit. As long as I can get canopy level par readings I’m happy with it. Will be here Friday.

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Are you using LED lights? If so, I am afraid that particular meter (the yellow and black model) will not provide you with sufficiently accurate readings, as it is not full-spectrum. It is designed for HPS, metal halide, fluorescent, and sunlight.

Well shit, looks like that might be a return and swap. The full specs. are stupid $$$$.

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They are pricey, but it’s all relative, a lot of scientific-grade instruments are over $1k. I think the price point is fair considering all the testing Apogee does, not to mention it is all made in the USA. This level of accuracy is worth a lot more to a commercial grower than it is to us; it’s a no-brainer for them to spend $600. As legalization spreads across the country, so will the number of home growers, and the demand for these high quality instruments will increase, and hopefully they will be able to figure out a way to produce more for cheaper and the entire growing community will benefit


Ilgm owes you some more seeds. I would contact immediately. That sucks

I did that immediately. I am not sure how they will respond. I know things happen, but this does not sit well me, first impressions mean everything. If they send me more seeds and I encounter the same issues, I will be doubly pissed. So I think their response to this will determine a lot. If they feel confident this was a one-off, they shouldn’t have any problems sending me seeds. I will let you know what they say! In the meantime I am going to monitor this plant like a hawk. If I see one more sign of Bruce Jenner instead of Bruce Banner this son of a b!tch is gone

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Not going to lie. GSC is a finicky strain for me. I never grew ilgms but I have grown from bagseed a lot and from growers choice. Never growing the strain again if I can help it. Every single one pushed nanners about week 5-6 like clockwork. Also experienced bud rot on every GSC I’ve grown. But the extreme version auto has peaked my interest though

I guess I made a mistake in my labeling, both of these are the Extreme Auto version from ILGM. At the premium they sell this strain in particular, I did not expect this at all

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Unreal. So I am trying to wind down after a long day with some sour apple mai tai from Cuban Crew and look at what greeted me. You can’t make this up. What is going on here? I am not sure what I did to piss off the bud gods. Anyways, this huge bean is floating


Since they only respond in the middle of the night, here is a summary of the last 48 hours of correspondence with them on this matter:

  1. Me: I have a ball sack on my first plant. The plant next to it is fine.
  2. Them: Is it completely male or hermaphrodite? Can we have picture of the full plant?
  3. Me: Here is a pic. It is obviously herm, only one ball sack and a ton of hairs.
  4. Them: Can you try another plant?

Not impressed with the last question!

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