First Timer Indoor GSC Auto

I hope so!

Did some LST on the big plant and added bamboo stakes, it is really bushy and leafy, I am tempted to defoliate. A lot of settling of the soil in this fabric pot, I dont think I put enough in it, hindsight is 20/20

More LST on smaller plant

I am thinking first feeding tomorrow

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Yesterday I top dressed with 1/4 cup happy frog all purpose and 1/4 cup worm castings (doubled for bigger pot). Following the happy frog schedule on their web site, in one gallon of water I mixed 3tsp of Big Bloom and 1tsp each of Cal-Mag, Kelp me kelp you, wholly mackerel, kangaroots, and microbe brew. Smelled like straight ass. Small got 1/4 gallon and Big got 1/2 gallon. This seemed like too much nutrients to me, but since I have no idea what the hell I am doing, I am just following it blindly, we will just see what happens, I hope if something goes awry someone here with experience will able to steer me in the right direction.

Last night I found two new adults on the sticky traps arghhh just when I thought I had them nabbed. They are relentless. I knew I should have repeated the mosquito bit solution. Will be watering with that this morning

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Big is so bushy and short compared to Small. It’s like they both are taking their assigned nicknames personally. I kinda think these are two completely different strains, but who knows. I continue to try and tie down this plant but it is really not tall enough to do much. I hope this is a good problem to have, and that it will have a big stretch at the right time.

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My best tasting buds have been either from runts, deformed or ridiculously short and bushy plants. I’m set to watching

Nah there’s different phenos of GSC. My first 5 grows were GSC. Every single one of my plants were short and bushy like yours with no node separation whatsoever. A lot of other people had the tall lanky pheno. Mine never got taller than 2’ while others were 4’ plus. Their buds were big but separated from each other in clumps while mine formed single thick mold attracting colas. Your going to have both


Awesome!! Thank you

Would this be considered “in flower” yet?

Day 1 if it just appeared. I’m on day 1 also

Just starting week 5 here, not sure if that is right on time or early or late for these autos, but I am happy to make it this far. I kill a lot of ornamental plants and flowers but I haven’t really tried to keep anything alive until now. Cheers to you, really appreciate your replies

Right on time. Expect to harvest between weeks 11-13 somewhere

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This morning sucks! Is this for sure a problem? I checked all the other “sex sites” and can not find another balls. What are my options?

What causes this?

This is Small btw. No signs of this on Big. Right after taking the pic, I plucked this ugly little 'sticle off with tweezers and put it into a bag and sprayed the site with distilled water. Examined rest of plant fairly closely, do not see anything else like this. As you can see this particular branch is the most “stressed” of all I would say. Could that be what triggered this? I do not want to chop it down, as I said in the first post this is a hobby and if I end up with a ton of seeds I really do not care. I am more interested in watching the plant transformation. I will sow the seeds along a river if I get a bunch lol

What do you think? @JaneQP @Bluntsmoke @Borderryan @HobbyDobby

I am a bit disappointed, to say the least!

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Pull the male. Put a bag over it and trash it. If one of those sacs pops, it seed city for your female(s)

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Sorry for the loss!

It happens. Just got done with my first run and am curing atm but ended up with a herm in the back of the closet I didn’t catch. These are auto fem. In my case I don’t think it was genetics but more so being a little ambitious with the lights. I was running 2 SF2000s in a 4X4 and thought I could run them 100% during flower at about 18 inches. Seems that was a bit much.

Agree with @Borderryan in your case. These are early and there is a ton of times for them to be riddled with beans. Kill it now and protect any other fems in the grow. Even if it’s alone, cut it, sanitize, and start a fresh one.


So what happened with that, was your yield full of seeds? Are the seeds worthless? Is there no smokable content? I assume the seeds will also create herms, but I was thinking that even if they do, if I just sow them in the wild, and some of them are herms, they will just keep reproducing and maybe something good will come from that. I understand the reasoning behind chopping down if you’re expecting a worthwhile harvest. But since this is my first attempt, the expectations are not there, I am shocked they aren’t dead yet to be honest. It’s not that I am having difficulty of “letting go” or that I feel I have invested too much time/energy/money to throw it away, I am simply curious to see what will happen.

I appreciate your responses @HobbyDobby @Borderryan thanks

Does that plant show any female sex at all?

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Oh yes it does, and that is my bad for not providing more images. There are big white hairs everywhere, and just this one stray ball that, due to the LST from a couple days ago, literally had like a halo spotlight on it when I opened the tent this morning. I am lucky to see it so early, in that regard, especially when I consider how bushy the Big plant is in comparison (I had to really peel back a lot of foliage to check it). I will take some more pics of Small tonight. Thank you for the response!