First timer in trouble

Switched the lights to 12/12 about a month ago. They are outgrown the tent. Have topped them a couple times pre-bud but now they are starting to flower . I don’t know what to do at this point? Should I cut them down so they aren’t hitting the lights ? I can’t really raise the lights any higher . Can someone with more of a clue than me please Tell me what is the best thing to do from this point forward? Thank you in advance!

P. S currently Feeding them fox farm grow big and cal mag


Hate to say it but I think super cropping is your only option

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Look into supercropping. Bruise stems before bending them so they don’t break.

Big Bloom should be added throughout veg (and flowering,) as it contains the necessary micronutrients the plant needs. You’ll want to add Tiger Bloom to the mix now that you are in flowering.


Wow that’s a big girl. Can you take them out side? Not sure what to do at this point. May be you can bend them over or take a few feet off the top. Don’t take my advice let someone who has more experience. I will tag someone for you.


If you can, gently bend your branches to run parallel to your lights. Below your current height, create a mesh of string (I used 18 ga shielded wire (plastic coated). Take pipe cleaners (bought about 500 for a few dollars on Amazon) and loop the taller branches and gently pull down to the mesh without creasing the stalk. This scrogging technique, when done early on, will keep your plants lower, wider, and fuller (increasing yield).

Won’t taking them outside mess up their cycle since they are on 12 /12 and outside it’s 15/9 here?

Your probably correct about that did not consider your light cycle.

I hope you don’t mind another fellow beginner grower following along

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@MrInteresting i have no knowledge of indoor growing at all but if these plants are photoperiod’s they will do just fine outdoors, mine started flowering probably a week ago, as long as you have the option to move outdoors.

I’m with @MidwestGuy time for a lesson in super cropping.


Bend em like Beckham! Tie er doon mon! No worries mate!

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@MrInteresting It looks like you could raise the light by about 12" remove those cables that come with the light and hang directly with ratchet straps to each corner of the light
Good luck

we do not know much about what the seeds were other than they were feminized. Not sure if they are photo or not. We got them from a friend of my sons

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I thought about that but the only thing about that is the light warns to keep 12 inches from the top of the tent to the driver on top of the board (they are HLG rSpec 100s )

As long as you have good air circulation you can go 6" below top of the tent your exhaust should be up top anyway and you can always add another 6" fan blowing across the lights


I don’t know how we would get a net inside there at this point to SCROG them

The good news is there SOOO many buds but the plants just keep getting taller. Should have moved them outside (I had 3 in the tent but moved one outside before we flipped the light cycle-now I wish we had moved all 3 out) We wont have 12/12 light outside until the equinox

Should I just bite the bullet and move the taller of the two outside and hope for the best?


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Man that’s one of only two options at this point the way I see it

You can still supercrop I guess but I don’t see any other options besides outside despite the light schedule and super cropping them
Your call as to which you feel most comfortable with

Holy heck… those are some tall looking gals. Makes me want to buy a taller tent immediately :sweat_smile:

what is the downside of going from 12/12 light to 14/10 ?

I think my mistake was using 7 gallon bags . The tent is 6 feet tall. I think the next run will be in 3 gallon containers and much more agressive topping in the beginning than I did with these girls.