First timer ~ ILGM BG,OG &JH Auto’s Indoor Closet ~



Nutrients don’t typically start until at least the seed leaves have shriveled and dropped. I think you’re too early on them.

Also, the probe style meters are considered inaccurate. A PH pen from one of the big online retailers will serve you better.


Phantom is correct. Try not to fry the girls. (That said your grow your show :wink:) loving the setup so far and good luck. Hate to hear about pains and addictions but alas. Is the life we live… kudos to growing ur own meds now.

And im in the Sip. So hello from across the river. And i can attest to xmas’s in basketball shorts. Nice chilly snap here now tho. Loving it. But he has time just may have to protect from a frost or two here and there.


So far, I have refused every medication my neurologist has wanted to give me for my neck/radiculopathy, except Skellaxin. I only said yes to that b/c it’s not an opiate & caused minimal side effects. It doesn’t work & it makes me feel drunk.

I’ve refused all referrals to the pain management clinic, b/c all they do is mask the pain.

The doctors want to operate on my neck. Yeah…that’s not happening.

Puff puff pass, please.


Yeah my pain management doctor is also a physiatrist which specializes in nerve damage. I’ve been on a very focused physical Therapy, steroid injections into my spine, and now the nerve specific meds. Before when I was just going to my neurologist i was taking more than double the pain meds I’m on now and was getting zero relief. So it’s been an improvement but not enough of one. I still barely sleep what sleep I do get is short naps over a few hours never full deep sleep. I pray this can take over 100% of my med needs. Until I get a supply and a doctor that actually approves I won’t know for sure. But that day is getting closer to reality now.


I have given up on doctors helping. I am at about 75% now, which is great, but it took 6 years to get here. I’m about due for another major flare-up, though (neck goes out-out, pain so bad I think about suicide, can’t use my arms/hands, daily dr’s visits, and a very distraught significant other).


I know that feeling. My nerve problems flare up and it’s so painful I can’t even put clothing on the area because the pain is so intense it makes you want to scream. And it’s extremely depressing. Not to mention what it does to my spouse. I can’t function and I get really irritable so I have to lock myself away so I don’t lash out at them. It’s not their fault but when you’re in so much pain any little thing grates at your last nerve. I hope you avoid any flare ups for a long time. I wouldn’t wish this kind of pain on anyone. I talk a lot on this forum about it because there are so many people here that have been through this and actually understand what it’s like.

Thankfully my pain doctor has a PA that I see most visits. He was in a major accident and has the exact same problems I do. That’s what pushed him back to school to do this. So he is so much more knowledgeable than my doctors because he’s lived it. I think that’s why I haven’t searched for a new doctor that’s willing to work with me on cannabis. But I’ll have to eventually.


Have you searched online? There are a lot of groups & nonprofits out there that might have a lead on a dr near you, or at least some type of resource near you. Pro-medical cannabis doctors sometimes keep it on the dl, except to these groups. Just a thought?


There’s a list on our new MMJ registry of ones who want to be listed. But none are pain or neurologist in my area yet. One that is near me but he said if you want cannabis you can’t have any other meds. Which is stupid to do right away cause the supply will be limited for a while. Especially those that don’t grow their own. I’m hoping more will decide to start accepting it soon but it’s still new here.


Yes… I made a super week gallon batch, mainly to learn how to mix it.The probe was part of a 3 meter pack that also had a PPM and PH pen type, I’m leaving that other mainly to quick check soil moisture.I watered each with about a 4 oz after I put them in the new soil.Fun stuff !


I still take gabapenten since I got off the fent patch and oxy 18 months ago. I am now still taking subutex but am going to kick that as soon as I can get some green going. I wouldn’t have a clue where to get any these days…Its been 20+ years since I knew anyone and figured growing my own is the safest from all aspects involved. !!


Plus you know exactly what your getting and you can grow to the type of high you want


Day 14 ~ They really looked like they were responding well to the first transplant and watering with super light nutrients. I sprayed them with about 4 oz each with plain H2O which was at 6.2 PH.

The OG Kush is really slow to go compared to the Bubble Gum & Jack Herer although it did seem to perk from the first light feeding.
I watched and read a bunch of articles about topping auto-flowering and really now am having mixed thoughts as to do it or not because of it being critical to do it at the correct time or risk stunting the plant. Thoughts?, opinions?suggestions?
The weight of the spraying still on leaves really affects how much they seemed to have grown since the 12th of the month pick.I’ll take another once they reach back up after drying.


Ok… Since I have 2 started of each variety I decided to top one of my 2 Auto Bubble Gum. I think I got it right. I dont have full use of my left hand/wrist (the injury I’m disabled from) so things get kinda shaky sometimes trying to do detailed stuff like this. I’ll see how it grows out compared to BG#2 over the next few days. The other 2 varieties ( OG Kush and Jack Herer) are not showing yet and I’ll be watching them closely to top one of each at the earliest moment possible.


@blackthumbbetty What’s ya thoughts on this first topping I tried to do? Nervous as heck but since I have 2 ea of each variety I decided to give it a go !!


You’re braver than me lol. I don’t think I’ll attempt to do anything other than LST my autos. At least until I have some stockpiled smoke. Then I’ll give it a shot. Also I just tagged you into my grow start up.


Lol… Part of the reason I started 2 of each of the 3 varieties. With 6 plants total…something is gonna give…Either me killing um or finding an outdoor location !!


Well I did 4 plants, 2 different strains. My thought was I’m gonna just let them grow. But I’m going to harvest one of each with barely any amber trichomes. Then harvest the other two with about 40 to 60% range. Hopefully it’ll give me some daytime and some nighttime meds that way. But it’s all an experiment at this point. If I don’t see much of a difference in effect from the difference in harvest time then that’s more info for the next grow.

Then again other than a half joint of garbage 2 months ago or so I haven’t smoked in close to 20 years. So I’ll probably be a total lightweight to all this new powerful stuff that I’m growing. I’ve got a friend bringing me a 1/4 of something he said knocked him on his ass tomorrow. I’ll check it out after my next dr. appt.


My internet has been been pretty shakey the last few days, so your pics won’t load for me…yet. :grinning: What day of grow are they on today?

I’ve only been brave enough to attempt topping a Jamaican Berry Super Auto, and I failed. Oh, the plant suffered no ill effects, I just didn’t cut enough, but I cut too much for a fim. I really fim-ed. :grinning:

I hope my internet picks back up. I’ll check back when it does.


Ok, pics loaded. Looks like you did ok, except the plants only had their 3rd nodes. You’ll see a significant slowing down of growth for about a week. Hopefully, your autos will grow & thrive for you, but there is a chance they might lose a lot of grow time during recovery, causing some stunting.

Keep us updated on how it goes.


I thought it was a bit early as well. But people are getting more and more daring with autos. And its paying off often enough. We shall learn together eh?