First timer ~ ILGM BG,OG &JH Auto’s Indoor Closet ~



The bud sites are the calyx where the pistils come out of. I don’t know if all of them will. But the only ones that will matter are the ones that are getting good light.


Yep… They are calyx but further down the stems, but without leaves or anything else at this time. So far the only thing I have on my “Before next grow” list is that red booster light I had mentioned to you. Well and some bubble bags and a portable vaping unit :slight_smile:


Haha sounds like you’re starting to get the never ending list going. Every time I think I’m done I find something else that either would help or I just want it for frivolous reasons lol. But it never seems to end.


Oh… I did get a hepa filter 3 stage air purifier… and has helped to almost no smell, I know it will get even stronger but until I decide on a carbon filter/fan system it will have to do. Hey on the carbon filters… some brands are better than other… in performance, sound volume… Any suggestions on mfg’s ??


There are expensive brands and cheap brands. They’re all pretty much made the same in my opinion. Having said that the average life expectancy is a year. Phresh filters which are on the expensive end claim a 2 year life. But I’ll always change yearly cause I don’t want to risk any smell. As for size you need to calculate cubic footage of your grow area and then get a fan and filter that covers your area plus cushion. Like mine is 280 CF of grow space so I chose a 6 inch fan that works at 440cfm. And I went with a mid sized 6 inch filter.


Mine is like 48CF…Lol !! If I can control it with this $30 unit and maybe change the $10 filter a couple times, then I’m golden !!


Lol I guess that does sound tiny in comparison lol. And yet I’m over here dreaming about future expansions lol. But definitely go bigger than you need by a good amount.


Favorite pic of the day… after a 6.2 H2o misting… bubble gum buds to be !! Day 40 from seed.! After a water @ 6.2 PH… they a bit droopy… Was a bit warm today and were closed up all day in the mid 80’s… I could hear the girls huffing and puffing…lol


Awesome story. Hope she makes it

Infiniti fan and filter is a solid name ive heard recommended because its fairly quiet and strong.

The girls are chugging on along. Healthy and happy. Except that last pic when they was ‘huffing’ haha.


Question ?? So I just wanted to make sure my PH & PPM was in order. I have quite a few barely yellow tips so I decided to do a 6.2PH flush with a couple gallons of just water, and the last gallon their feeding. Like I said PH going in 6.2, out 5.7 PPM’s in 1300, out 410. Normal? What’s your thoughts? @raustin, @blackthumbbetty @DoobieNoobie


Sounds a bit low on both those outbound numbers. But I don’t know what the numbers should be after a flush? So this will be a good question we can both learn from. Will the PPMs be really low when feeding at the end of a flush? I’m sure the ladies can enlighten us both.


Yep… I tested the runoff when it first began to come out, I should check both now that some more has gone thru them. Also, I interpreted the low PPM as an indication that feeding properly,


5.8 and 650


So do I go back and run more water thru them until the runoff is the same as what’s going in, 6.2?


Wait on @raustin I don’t know for certain and I don’t want to give bad advice.

As for the ppm you typically want the ppm coming out fairly close to what went in. If it comes out way low you could feed more. If it comes out higher you have problems.


You’re in soil? 6.2 going in is too low, unless you are already high (ha). With a run-off of 5.8…I’m gonna guess running through a few gallons of 7 would be good, to get a runoff of 6.5 or so.

6.3-6.8 is your target in soil. It’s slightly lower for soilless peat, then even lower for coco.


Damn I’m so high I completely missed that.


Man…and Ive been shooting for 6.2 or 6.3 this whole time. I’ll give 7.0 a shot


6.5 is the sweet spot you want to aim for, once you get it in range.


Thanks… I have notes written all over from video’s I watched before I even decided I was going to def.grow and I had 5.8- 6.3… But in looking at it now I’m realizing this particular growing was growing in coco… Urrrrg !!!