First timer here with Ak-47 into day 71 flowering

Hello, all. I am into day 71 of a fem’d AK-47 seed I purchased from ILGM. Looks awesome by the way. I ended up going with this strain due to its shorter flowering time. However, I am on day 71 and my trics are clear with a few that are cloudy. I know there is not an exact timetable per say on when it is time. But, it seems like It cld make it to day 80. Does anybody know if this Should be concerning that it is taking this long to flower? 250w hps, LST, soil. I quit giving nutes going on 3 week now cause I thought it would be done by now:(

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PS my goal is to have 30% Amber and 70% cloudy for my trics.

very normal.
at this stage, only thing to rely on is tric’s.

Perfect. I guess you could say I’m starting to get antsy.

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yeah, been there. harvested early, regretted it. dont do it!