First timer here...outdoor and indoor New England

Cant post pics from my gallery. Is it that you can only take live photos on here?

Shouldn’t be a problem. You are using the upload button?

I didnt see an upload button

Right here when you hit reply.

A little different when on a pc but it’s there.

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Yeah I believe after you hit that button you go to documents and it will show your gallery and long tap to select multiples just make sure they upload all the way before you hit reply

It doesn’t give me that option…just camera or audio

First off welcome. I honestly dont know if this is a post for tips but in gonna say this, those pots are trash bro next time get fabric pots or airpots these suffocate your roots. I understand about budget completely, just trying to help. And they look good man​:grin::+1:

I ordered fabric pots and they never arrived. Should I get 5 gallon??


How many plants do you have bro? 5 or 3?

Lol…not a bro…haha… I have 2 outside and 5 inside

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I’m sorry! Lol I would do 5gals for inside maybe even 7gals but that depends on what kinda space you have. You have any pics of the outdoor?