Maybe by choice, maybe lighting, maybe strain and pheno. ???

This is why theyโ€™re short, @SippiGrower - by cutting the vertical growth, the main cola diverts its energy into the two topmost nodes and creates two โ€œmainโ€ colas where only one existed before. The process of performing multiple toppings allows for the original main cola to be diverted into several smaller โ€œmainโ€ colas. It breaks the plantโ€™s natural apical dominance and allows her to spread out horizontally.

Youโ€™re seeing the same amount of growth, just in a different direction. :v:


Graysin FTW!

I even agree FF is unpredictable. I think it has alot to do with where you buy it. If they store the soils out in the sun, I wont buy it. My experience there is that is impropper way to store it and kills off or cooks out the nutes burrning up your soils ph buffer also. My local hydro store keeps their stock inside. Its a 20 mile drive I take often, well worth it.

Yup! Solid input @Graysin


Hmmm. 8 wks old and 13โ€. ??? They are either dwarf pheno, age above ground isnโ€™t accurate, or extremely poor lighting. They do look healthy but obviously shocked/stressed from the multiple toppings and probably excessive nutes and overwatering. Combination of all likely. Just my 2 cents, but donโ€™t try and tell him that is normal. Wonder how they looked 4 wks ago?

Btw, those look close to preflower which them being autos would explain everything.

What the heck is all the white powder on them?

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It is for the amount of work and training thatโ€™s gone into it. :person_shrugging:

Looks like diatomaceous earth, possibly the powdered form of Captain Jackโ€™s Dead Bug. I got one of those myself right now. Outdoor plant coming inside got a generous helping of both.

Better covered in ugly powder than bugs imo.

Curious where you see signs of these issues. Is it just the height or?

Looks like diatomaceous earth

Correct. Used as a preventative measure against any weed-loving life forms with exoskeletons.

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They have grown to 19โ€ (6โ€ in the last 10 days)

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Look at em reach! Cannot wait to see how they bulk up. Do you have a net ready to support those girls?

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I do have one but am still debating on whether or not I want to use it. I realize Iโ€™ll have to train & support them quite a bit because of their shape & size, but Iโ€™m terrified of snapping branches while weaving them through and then not being able to rotate them if needed.

Would love to hear some feedback on this topic!

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I believe @Growingforothers @AfgVet @HappyHydroGrower utilize nets - I never have, I use plant yo-yos and simply string my buds up to my lights. That said, a net would be a much smarter approach

Thanks for the input. I imagine either way theyโ€™ll need to be tethered to something for support. I guess with all these bud sites so close together a SCROG is the smarter & easier option.

Would still love to hear more feedback on both methods.

@KellyG Iโ€™ll tag you in my thread. I grow under SCROGS