These girls are almost 8 weeks old. I’ve done lots of topping and some LST. Only 13” tall. I only have about 3 1/2-4’ of vertical space. Should I start flower now?

Left: GSC photo
Right: GG photo


Whatever you want the finished height to be, when theyre half that height, flip em. They’ll double in size and maybe lil more. Remember your light height and check what you’ll need to have it at both height and intensity to reach your 12 hr DLI.


Thanks for the reply. Around what height would you suggest hanging a scrog net?

Looking good, expect alot of stretch!


You did a great job on training. The flip side i say wait about 1 or 2 weeks


They appear stretched to you? I thought they looked stunted. :woman_shrugging:t3: LOL

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No expect them to stretch…stretch is slang term for the next phase of growth. Its actually called pre flower transition. Your plant will double in size

Sorry. I read that wrong. Did some product research before I posted. :wink:

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No worries, welcome to the community!

Should I use a SCROG net? If so, at what height would you recommend hanging it?

I would probably let them get to about 18-24” and then flip them. That said, they may run into your lights if you let them go as long as I do.


Welcome to the community :blush::v:My opinion is I would flip since you are limiting on height. Your plants look amazing :blush::v:

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@KellyG Nice job so far. I’d give them another week and reassess. I just grow one at a time, so I train and tie down or up, depending on the situation. Scrogging will help with the overhead problem, though.
Good luck and enjoy!

what size is the tent?
Do you collect runoff and measure ph & ppm?
Or are you using a living soil?
I ask because it looks like the saucers are tied to the pot. Plant ties are much better and staples are better yet.

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Are these autos? Extremely short for age.

They’re in a 4x2 spider farmer tent. I do test runoff PH, which has been right around 6.0. My PPM meter will be here tomorrow. :blush: I have them in Happy Frog soil with perlite, vermiculite, worm castings and bone meal. I also have been feeding with Foxfarm nutes. The string you see is just plant twine I’ve used for LST.

Nope. They’re photos. I have topped several times (I stopped 2 weeks ago). I attribute their stunted appearance to that and some PH issues I was having early on.

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You should not be giving nutes at this time with happy frog. Soil has plenty of. Sounds like nute lockout and roots are to wet. No way they should be stunted like that is photos.

Respectfully I disagree.

The plants have no signs of overwatering nor nutrient overload. Just reading the leaves, they look happy. A bit heavy on N, but they’ll eat that up as soon as OP switches to 12/12 to initiate flower

Fox Farms soil is wildly unpredictable. While generally speaking Happy Frog is good for around four weeks and Ocean Forest is good for six weeks, some plants eat more than others and frankly some bags of FF soil are just weak. Their quality control is hit and miss.

I wouldn’t steer the grower away from something that seems to be working well for them. They’re short, but clearly by choice.

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Mine at 41 days. No nutes. Fox farm ocean. Fimmed and topped the right one, 1 topping on the left.

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