First timer here getting frustrated. Please help diagnose

Very much appreciate all the responses and support. I hit my post limit yesterday as a new member and had to go dark for 24 hours haha.
Anyways, I have a friend nearby that has grown for a while. He saw the images and told me to bring him some runoff water to test.
PH is ok but the (ppm or ec) can’t remember which he said is totally off the charts. We are now flushing

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Remember you are in organic soil, your ppm or ec is not going to be “normal” …I put my ec meter away some years ago…least I have a heart attack … Last I checked I was near 5000 ppm…I still say you have a compounded problem, but that’s me …:sunglasses::v:

Indeed this correlates with what I have read. What could cause cal mag issues in organic soil?
My friend also grows with dry amendments and feels strongly I am running way too hot.
Perhaps I am not well enough balanced across the nutrient spectrum. I have no clue.
This symptom is strongest in my smaller blueberry that I am trying to set up a manifold on.
The larger gorilla breathe girls have some minor spotting but not like the blueberry. Think they are able to work in my medium due to size. All medium and inputs are the same across grow bags.

Try build a soil for dry amendments…nothing wrong with Gaia Green, but 4/4/4 alone is not going to bring you very far…plants need different nutes at different stages …and you micro nutes are the one’s going to give you a hard time…:sunglasses::v:

Noted. For right now this is not an option this season as I need to work with what I have on hand. I can get more amendments but my base needs to remain the veg Ap and bloom from Gaia. I have also been directed to kelpForless for dry amendments

I use a good worm casting tea in my living soil. Get the beneficial microbes and bacteria in there. They help with ph a lot. Just my way.

Yeah I have applied 1 EWC tea so far and a soil drench with green lentil sprouted seed tea.

@Arrow you say 4-4-4 will not do it on its own. What do you suggest be additional to this?
I’m also running EWC in that mix.
Sprouted seed tea applied 1X so far and dosing small amounts of silicone every few waterings.

I am starting to wonder if I didn’t keep my soil wet enough while cooking. Since I have run a metric shot ton of water through my pots symptoms seemed to have slowed and my bigger plants look happier than they did previously.
I was very paranoid to overwater but seeing the drainage my soil and bags have I wonder if I was shorting water to the soil and causing a negative issue.
Honestly just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks haha.

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This and everything else is invaluable advice that takes time to learn…

This was my last run off, it’s a little high, causing deficiencies, the pH was in parameters.

So my method of correction for this, is to use water every feeding,
until the numbers come down…
Ask away when you have questions, the only stupid question, is the one that remains unasked… :v:


I suggest you read, and read a lot …Gaia has also got a 2/8/4 called power bloom specifically for the flower stage of your plants life cycle …as your plant transition from veg to flower the nutrient required will change from a N rich mix to a more PK rich mix. Remember all these additives are to be used in conjunction with each other to form the whole … Honestly, normal potting soil will pretty much get you through most of your vegetative state …and another thing …learn to water, learn to water properly…

@Enlightened420 welcome my friend …:sunglasses::v:

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I do also have the bloom mix. Plan was when I need to start top dressing, to use a 75/25 mix of the AP and bloom mixed.
Then when nearing the stretch I was planning to hit another top dress at 50/50. Once I to flower changing to 75/25 bloom/AP.
Having run reef aquariums in the past I understand the importance of research, hell my alarm just went off for work at 350AM and first thing I did was check this thread lol


I believe your priorities are set straight :ok_hand::joy::joy:

Keep moisture of your leaves, if outside 5 -6 hours of direct sun is enough, water slow and multiple times per watering to ensure you don’t have dry spot, keep a close eye on your new growth …its a learning curve, but I believe you got this …:sunglasses::v:

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Appreciate the confidence boost. My symptoms have stopped!! Now just need to sustain that.
I was afraid to overwater and as a result it seems my soil was not working the way it should from being too dry.
With the mix I am running and extra perlite I think I could run a hose on the bags 24/7 and still not drown my roots (kidding). Going to let these girls lose some of this super dark green by watering only. Then when I see a fade to paler green hit them with a quick feed foliar while too dressing the AP/bloom 75/25. Getting this soil nice and moist has made significant improvement.
I think I might be ready to end this “problem” thread and start a grow log!!


And there you go…well done :ok_hand::sunglasses::v:

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