First timer help

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi…this is my first time trying. …at the present time I have 20 BC GOD seedlings in jiffy pellets. Planted the seeds 5 days ago and they are already 1.5" tall but they are all stem with 4 leafs. I have them outside during the day and at nite under a 120w grow light
I’ve been told to move light closet but won’t that burn them? Also…when should I plant the pellet in a container y with what kinds of soil? I also have 20 funk haze/grand daddy purple in same flat that are barely sprouting. Why? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

Yes your lights should be 18 - 26 inches above the canopy .

Check your humidity, night temps, add a couple more lights or atleast one more of equivalent wattage. If and when I use pellets I plant when I see the first root come out of the bottom or side, other people may plant later than the first root.

Hi and thank you. My BC God are doing great. But my GrandDaddyPurple…all of them look like the stem is pinched right where they come out of the soil

Find some bio root its a 1-1-1 solution. how much are they watered cause it could be they the roots arent healthy enough due to to much water

I have not given them any water because they are still damp to the touch. I don’t as told to let them dry before watering again ?? (

Ok give it time and wait you’ll get it

If any thing they may need to just dry up and get oxygen it could be as simple as that

Thank you. I did what you said and waited and they all appear to be doing fine. Now my major concern is lighting. I have had then under light 24 hrs daily… No darkness. I plan on moving them to the outside in a couple of wks. What kind of lighting schedual should i give them? Do i simulate real time outside and give them 12 light and 12 dark and gradually increase their light as the days get longer. Or do i keep them under the light non stop . i know they need darkness but how much and when? Thank youI michele

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You can probably get away with 18/6 right away I wouldn’t advise 12/12 unless your ready to start flowering

My seedlings shriveled up over night, haven’t watered them in 3 days, can they be saved? also the tall ones were over watered, I let them dry out for 3 days, one got better, and the other got worse.