First timer having issues.sos!

I’m doing an indoor grow 5x5 tent in ffof.5 gallon fabric pots with 600w quantum bar. Temp 72-82 humidity at 40-50. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong please take a look at pictures

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How old are your seedlings? It may be that you fertilized too early or maybe too close to the light.

Welcome, few questions
What is your soil ?
U add nutes ?

Im using ffof with a super soil on the bottom lights are 32 inches from top of plant. 14 days old. Given nothing but water. Could it be from overwatering?this is the Super Soil Organic Concentrate

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Your soil doesn’t look like overwatering, maybe you just had a bad seed. Sometimes it takes a little longer to develop so just hang in there. Do you “pop” the seeds and then throw it in the soil? Some folks like to use the soil right off the back.

Imho maybe to strong on da lights…? Sure looks like its trying to hide…

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Yes I pop the seeds then put them into the soil. I could try dimming the lights down to 80%. Could the ph levels maybe cause this?

I’d try at 50%

Ok I turned out down to 50 ill let you guys know what happens thank you for the help!

@Smokeymalone give it a few days if not longer on 50% and see if she starts new growth reaching for the light… that’s just my humble opinion but i did watch a few videos about it… don’t worry about those burned leaves you’ll pluck them off later anyway. :muscle:

Definitely a good suggestion to turn the light down being a seedling. Looks like a hot soil and overwater issue as well. Not all plants are friendly starting out in OF. They eventually get used to it and shake it off. Really want the plant developing roots and not taking up so many nutrients at this point. If you water, make sure to water well away from the seedling and she’ll go find that water by expanding her roots.


@BobbyDigital good advice bro also put a fan on dat baby

Good advice @BobbyDigital :+1: put a fan on dat baby also… here’s my 19 day old baby super skunk auto… she’s on 18&6 and just went to bed for the night…

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@Coonass those babys are looking nice! @BobbyDigital ok I will try this as well I turned it down to 50%. I will try to keep water away from seedling as well. I’m going to follow this watering cycle does this seem correct

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Not sure if this is the main reason, but I use those clamp lights on my seedlings with a grow light from home depot. I don’t spend too much money initially because my success comes with the nutrients I use later. I’ve been fortunate enough to grow organically (I have a brother-in-law that works at a contractors fertilizer company) so I can use nutrients early on that won’t burn the plant. I grind down my pellets or granules and heavy feed them. 8-8-8 Complehumus, Down to Earth - Oyster Shells powder, 2-14-0 Bone Meal (I think it’s called Par-4), and 0-0-52 Potassium…All organic so it’s very forgiving.

That should be fine depending on pot size. Just keep the water on the outer edges or bottom feed.

@Smokeymalone imho honestly I wouldn’t follow any watering schedule until you see some improvement in those babies… wait and feel the soil if you think it’s dry… then water the outer edges pretty good so it will settle in the bottom… your babies will have no choice but to go look for water and believe me they will tell you when they’re thirsty… i believe having a fan blowing on her (not overwhelming) but enough to get her to rockin will make her roots take off … give her a week and see what she has to say… you have to spend time and pay attention to your plant… she’s the boss and you are her servant… :muscle::sunglasses: patience my brother :pray:

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That seems like a lot of watering for seedlings. I only water when they need it!! When I water I just give it enough until the water runs out of the bottom of the cup.

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@Smokeymalone You should put a clear plastic dome over it to keep the humidity higher. Spray the inside with water before putting it on top of her. Since she won’t have much for a root system yet, she will get moisture thru her leaves.

But she does look a little cooked, hope she pulls out of it!

Ok I’m going to make sure not to add to much water in next feeding and not water around the seedling itself I don’t have a dome but I have a humidifier I could add to bring up humidity.