First Timer - GSCE

I have actually been popping in here and there checking yours out!! I am just in awe of your outdoor setup. I saw your sketches for the drip system while you are gone. So much and I’m amazed by it all! With some luck, and a looooot of patience, I hope to have something that size operating in about 5 years. Thanks for dropping in!!!


I’m going to do just the molasses and kelp today. I want to give them some extra organic good stuff, but with what the outside girls have been through as far as weather and first week hiccups, I don’t want to shock them. That, and actually brewing the tea I would have to do at my in-laws. Can’t do in the house and don’t have a garage. They actually live on the beach (I’m a 15 minute walk from a different beach), so I can get crab, fish, oysters, clams, whatever from the sea.
This is probably a little more info than wanted or needed, but my mother in law is real big into CBD medicines and of course the THC side, too. She wants me to get this all down for business reasons. So to go out there every other week or so and make and mix feeds and teas, would help incorporate that. Sorry, I think a lot deeper than just having some good nugs at the end.

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After a good drink (1st in 8 days!!) And a spritz of neem oil.


Deformed leaf? Only 4 points…


That molasses and kelp really helped these little girls out. I think they will get it every week. Jillian is inside still asleep. I’ll post her when lights are on or when I get a chance tonight before lights out.

Jordan. She almost got chunked in her first 5 days. Has doubled her height and tripled her width in the last week.

Julia keeps me nervous because she likes to bend and move, a lot. I mean a lot. She will move side to side up to 3" chasing the sun. Remarkable. I think I’m going to have to remove the companion herbs to put a little more dirt in her pot so she has more sun access. I hate to disrupt her, we’ll see how she does over the week.

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Rise and shine. She got a good drink last night and is wide awake. I turned her light from 60% to 75%. And if getting way too ahead, forgive me, but is she starting to show out??

Is this indication of sex? I mean she’s an autofem on paper, but are the protrusions (not the growth at the fan leaf) identifying characteristics?

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Yeah bro she’s showing sex.

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Nice. I’m still learning basics. Would you happen to know if, when these begin growth, is there an estimated countdown before flower? Or do they matter on the timeline at all??

Are they autos or photos

They are autos.

Usually about 8/9 weeks give or take

Did we for real just switch to a Dimebag Darrell avatar??

We did indeed.

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She is also growing next to my Dean Dimebag Far Beyond Driven model guitar


Fing sweet. I’ve seen them 5 times! 3 during the reinventing the steel tour. Absolutely incredible

Dime is why I bought my first guitar. Now I own close to 15k in music equipment that I’m trash at playing :rofl:.

Got me into building instruments. I’ve made some incredible things

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Unfortunately I missed them. Seen Down a couple times after Phil kind of sobered up. But sadly I just get to watch online videos and dream lol.

Amazon the Pantera home videos. 3 watch it go is ridiculous awesome

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Lmfao I’ve gone through so many guitars. This is my 5th Dean ML. Not neeeearly into it like I was 20 years ago, but am still a CFH fanfor life. I pretty much have all the home vids memorized. 3EEEEEEEE!!!

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I started playing guitar when I was 9, but in the 5th grade heard PanterA and it changed me even at that young. First time I smoked their cover of Planet Caravan was playing on my friends tape, yes that’s right TAPE deck. Lol


What a great cover. Sandblasted Skin…