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She’s most likely curling a little because of the nute levels, they’re hot in Ocean Forest. She’ll calm down once she gets used to it.

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So the soil on my outside girl dried out a lot the last couple of days. 91°F both days with virtually no clouds sucjed the moisture right out of the pot. I watered her this morning after the sun started coming up. The Eastern sky had a nice red glow that I should have paid attention to (99% of the time, a red eastern sky in the morning is rain here. Sailor trick, “Red good morning, sailor warning. Red good night, sailors delight.”) Looked up the weather and it’s at least 50% chances next three days. I may bring her in and see if I can get her to dry out again under the light next to her younger sister. Not looking like we’re going to have good sun for another week or two.

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Checked the ph on my inside girl. Using distilled water and a small bit of dirt about an inch deep, it reads that my pH is very low. How do I get it back up?

Tested the ph of my tap water vs distilled. With soil and without. It seems to be the distilled water dropping the ph. When I check dry dirt with tap water, it reads just in the 6.5 area, .1-.2 either way. When using distilled water and dry dirt, it drops in the red to below 5.0. Currently, my girl is sitting in the red. I soaked her when I transplanted her. Needless to say, I’m filling my jugs with tap water.

Should I let this soak run its course and start using the tap to bring it up?

Should I just douse her and try to run off some of the water in the dirt now?

What are you using to test your pH?

I Just got an Apera ph20 a couple mornings ago, like 3 hours after that post. Thank God, cuz I had one of those little shakers and I was testing the morning after her move. Not sure if a couple capsules for the test were bad or not, but by the indicator, it was showing less than 4.5ph. Ordered the Apera and got it same day. Calibrated and tested and calibrated and tested. Turns out my water at the tap is just a little alkaline.
I put a 1 ½ tablespoons of lemon juice in a gallon of tap, and it brought it to 6.5. If it holds, I’m just giving her that.

I made another tag with her and got some good info on meters and PPMs like right away. Gotta wait til the weekend for the TDS meter tho

Nice! Yeah the strips other chart type are no where near accurate enough! The TDS meter will help you know when to feed and how much food you’re putting into your water. You’re on the right track.

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This was the girl that started this journal and I haven’t even updated with her, I’ve just been gawking at her long legged sister, Jillian. This is Jordan (she needed a name) currently at 24 days from sprout…

And her sister Julia, I think at 22 days, my wifes…


I’m glad you didn’t give up on her


She’s learning to break dance :man_dancing:

Same thanks for the tips

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Lol y’all that wobble from chasing the :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

Got some black strap molasses and kelp in. I’ve read of people brewing teas, but not sure the whole process. I want to give my outside girls each a gallon in the morning, and my inside girl a gallon either Saturday night or Sunday morning. Anybody have any brewing recommendations?

Checked my girls a while ago and my damn cat was laying in ones pot, curled around the plant, not on it. Never imagined I’d be sniffing a potted plant for cat pee. All clear though, no damage. Had a little extra chicken wire. Need a wagon now to tote these girls so I don’t have to keep lugging here and there around the yard.

Taking a look at Jillian this morning, and she’s looking good. My wife thinks it’s cute I’m actually getting a real hobby. Lol. Anyhow…
Water w/lemon juice is still staying at 6.3 after 48 hours. Her dirt is still damp under the first top inch. Lowering her light to about 12” and leaving power at 60%, so that should dry it a little more. Her leaves are turning up just a little so I don’t want her to overstretch.

Leaves reaching so I dropped her light from 15" to 12", no power increase.

New growth coming in nice.

I can’t wait to see how she and her sisters do. Is it too much to hope for 6 dry oz. from 2 outside and 1 inside, all autos?

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I don’t know about the weight stuff but @HippieRunner or @Deez can assist with tea brews. Good luck and happy growing buddy…


Thanks so much!!!


Molasses at 1tbs per gallon. Same with kelp but you can go more if you wanna it can’t really hurt.

Then stick an aquarium air stone in and bubble for 24-36 hrs before use. For an extra boost of microbes toss in a handful of compost or humus from in the woods.

Bubbling is optional. Kelp and molasses are still good regardless


Mmm teas… Now your talkin my style. We found using a bubbler is key to a solid tea. It allows everything to get great amounts of oxogen and boosts microbe life 100%.
The good bacteria is pulled from the humus and feeds on the sugars in the molasses. The growth is also supported by things such as bio live, guano, fish/crab/shrimp, qorm castings ect.
We all have our own little tricks that work for pur growkng styles. I would highly suggest looking into and learning how to make a freshly organic tea :wink:

To early to tell the weight of the plant. It’s hard for me to even tell durring bud. Each plant grows so differenly and each grower has there own style. Last year we pulled off about 1.19lbs , dryed bud, per plant. That not including the bubble hash ect. I will tag you in my grow so you can get a better idea.
Happy growing…

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@TRF can you tag Borderbryan in my grow? For some reason I cant :frowning:

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