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Alright, well I took @Underthestairs advice, and skipped out watering my outside girl a little, and what d’ya know? Not taller, but the new growth is definitely flourishing more. The tall skinny is my wife’s, who’s put more of the responsibility on me, because her new job has her on crazy hours. Then there’s my inside girl who is stretching and growing and doing really well, already developing her 5 pointers. I’m starting her outside transition in one week.


It’s so much more fun when they look happy

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It really is. And if the weather keeps going like it is here, they will keep looking happy. Sunny, highs around 88-90, but one pop up shower every day, either late morning or late afternoon like clockwork.

Stumpy is almost 3 weeks out of the dirt. She is an auto as well. Any tips maybe on getting her to bulk up some? Her stunted growth has me confused on when to give her nutes or anything for veg.

You’re lucky. We’ve had record rain. All my girls are very unhappy with me… I need to get the cover on my “greenhouse”

Ya it has rained here, every day, for over almost 2 months. At least a 10 minute shower, but will be sunny rest of the day. The pots my wife bought for the girls outside has a rim the exact size of a standard mesh cloth laundry bag. Just turn bag over and slide it around the pot and no rain falls directly on the plant. The vinyl bottom that acts like a top, once it’s on, let’s water drip slowly and actually amplifies light slightly, and the mesh sides let it still get sunlight and air. Also keeps critters and larger bugs out. Kind of a ghetto rig thing, but not bad for one young plant if you can’t really move them a lot or get them under cover quickly.

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Very cool. Put some pictures of those up. I’d love to see how they look

I actually had my daughter help me get my biggest plant into the basement to let her rest from the rain. She’s almost 4’ in diameter… it had us dying laughing when it was in front of the tent I just pulled 2 plants out of.

I will definitely get a couple pics up this evening when I go check them. They can’t stay all day under them. Guess it doesn’t matter a lot with all the cloud coverage we’ve had here. I’m redoing a room in our house and thinking of leaving my girl that’s inside, inside. Just hasn’t been enough consistent sunlight.

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Not necessarily the best set up, but works in a pinch. I took it back off because we’re getting some decent sun today.


Creative. That’s awesome

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Guess I gotta put her in her forever home tomorrow with a little more dirt around the base. Shot up like a, uh, well, you know. A couple days earlier than I wanted, but my new, bigger light will be in tomorrow, also (supposedly), so I’m going to have to be real careful not to shock and stunt her.

I didn’t have a ruler handy for this picture so it’s your average, regular paper roll up. The paper is average, not the flower​:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


@Borderryan Isay “ditto” to the creative . Over come and Adapt !!


Thanks! Credit to my wife. Where we live mosquitoes swarm like the plague and will lay a platoon of eggs in a single drop of water. We are also close to a beach so gnats and flies and other flying bugs are pretty annoying also. Spray down the basket with an eco friendly bug deterrent so no pesticides touch the plant or soil. I saw her do this the day she planted the seed and thought she was really on to something for those who can’t break the bank on small green houses and such, like us lol.

Looks like I’m going today and getting a bigger pot. I have to because my inside girl is already taller than the pot she is in. Since my light will be here today, I’m also going to get materials to rig up my own grow box. I have adequate ventilation and can totally control temp and humidity in an extra bedroom in our house (plus it’s where I keep and play my guitars… snooguns!). The setup I make for her is going to be on such a budget that if there was welfare for weed, I’d be sent an application. I will post pictures tonight after I get it setup.


Just a photo update of the girl that started this journal. She is looking a lot better. Sun was OK today, but that Saharan dust cloud reeeeeeally cut out a lot of it. See where she is tomorrow.

Also, included, is my inside girl. She is going into a bigger home tomorrow evening, under a much bigger light. The curl on the leaves just started in the last few hours. Any ideas on what is going on??

Edit: sorry for the not so great first photos. They are from earlier today and it is now too dark to fight the mosquitoes to go take a better picture. Will post better tomorrow.

It’s hard to tell in that lighting. It’ll do a lot more for help in natural light. Her posture doesn’t look concerning to me.

Everyone’s coming along nicely

Ya, I had a loooooong day, and have to move her around from her particular space to get good shots. Just plain lazy with the shots, apologies. I’ll get some good ones of her tomorrow when I put her in her forever home. Have to wait until new bags come in tomorrow morning.

Walk out to my back yard, though, to beeming sun. First morning as such in weeks, with minimal rain chances to boot. Outside humidity is finally down, but has definitely been a slowing factor for these girls since it has rained or showered every day for almost 2 months. Haven’t watered in days and is just now only this dry. My wife’s is the one in the back with the companion herbs.

Camera is completely vertical. I wonder which way the sun is?:laughing:


Everything looks great. This rides just gonna keep getting more and more fun.

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Had a full day of sun and dried out pretty well. Fairly sure the droop is a normal reaction. Still noticeably moist around her base so hopefully we will have some more days in a row like today and she fills out. She’s 3 weeks out of the dirt today, so that would be reeeeeal nice with her being an auto.

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Perking back up…

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Alright, well let’s see what happens. I’ve got her under a Viparspectra p600, now, but the little blurpe bulb gave her a nice start. Im not sure exactly how high, or how far from my girl, to set it. I hate it roughly 18" at 25%. I am going to continue to use plain water since she is in fresh FFOF, and still had a couple of weeks left of nutes in the FF she moved with. I am going to start LST next weekend, if things go well with her til then.

Can anybody tell me why her first 3-leaves are getting curls on the side? They started yesterday evening and haven’t really worsened. Thanks!