First timer growing WWF

Hello everyone one! I have read alot of threads on here but since this is my first time I figured I would ask some of my own questions and get some help on this journey! I don’t know if I’m suppose to start a new thread for this or join another thread and post pictures and ask questions!


Hi @Sbryan1 , welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: you did good starting your own thread it’s better that way more people will see it. I would now stay with the one thread and just continue adding to it as your grow goes on. I’m set to watch and will be notified when you post anything but if you want to ask a certain person something just @ them like this @Sbryan1


@MeEasy thanks for the help!


Okay so I received 10 White Widow feminized seeds from ILGM.

11/9/21 dropped them in a jar of room temperature distilled water in a dark area.

11/10 seeds started to crack and had a little tail showing.

11/11 seven out of the ten seeds tails were around 1/2" or a little longer and 3/10 were around a 1/4". I removed the seeds and placed them in the root riot pods and into a humidity dome. And turned the LED light on. (It’s a VIPARSPECTRA Dimable 600W LED)

11/12 nothing was showing and I placed the rest of the root riot plugs in the dome because I read that helps with humidity.

11/13 nine out of the 10 started to sprout out of the ground.(see first picture.) I was in a bit of a hurry and forgot to turn my light on.

11/14 nine out of 10 grew to about two inches but noticed they looked tall and skinny and the tips were a bit yellowish…(see picture 2 and 3) I read that was because lack of light? Since I forgot to turn the light on?


the seedlings are stretching. you need to move your light closer or turn it up.

as for their height, when they fall over you can transplant them and fill dirt up higher on the stem until it stands back up.

watching and here to help


@alexankh do I still need to leave the plastic dome on top of them or leave it off and drop the light lower?

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also, i looked up your light. it has a true wattage pull of 275 watts, which will be enough to flower a couple of plants, but certainly not 9

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you can leave the dome on to keep the humidity up, which helps the plants absorb water through the leaves until the roots can form.

I am set to watch also!

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Same set to watch or help if I can @Sbryan1

Lots of great advice here for you. Good luck with your journey.

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joining in for the ride and experience. I have WW autos. waiting for all my equipment to arrive before I start.


So day 4 the tops looked more green since I left the light on all night. I keep the dome lid on just take it off for the picture. With the lid on and light at the lowest setting the temperature is as shown. Is the temperature to high for the seedlings? Also the tallest one in the back right is 3" tall… do I just wait a little while longer before I move them to bigger pots? Do I go buy the height of the seedling or by the roots underneath?


I like to run 81 83 degrees and rh the same first week or so then I adjust the rh as new set of leaves typically around the 3rd set of leaves im at 70 % rh stay there for about 2 weeks also depends how long u wana veg to. light height from top of leave @Sbryan1

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91 is a bit high, i would try to lower the temp.

if any of your seedlings fall over i would transplant those right away, burying them a little higher up in the dirt for support. otherwise, i would leave them in the peat pods until the first set of leaves (not cotyledons) have emerged. no longer than a week or two in the peat pods

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Definitely would transplant after a week agreed

Oh boy
You gonna have your hands full

@alexankh so by losing the heat I would raise my light a bit higher… but then does that affect the growth of the seedlings by not getting enough light? I read somewhere depending on the height of the light is how much the plant receives?? Sorry about all the questions! Before I started I read alot of post on here and thought I had a decent idea of how it all works and then now that I started it seems alot different then anticipated lol


@Mr_Wormwood Because I have to many of them? Or am I starting out badly?

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no need to apologize. at this point i would use a fan or an open window or something to cool my grow area instead of adjusting the light to make up for heat. you can probably ditch the dome now that they are all up and out of the soil.

no need to apologize about asking questions.

there are no stupid questions. just stupid people who leave questions unasked.

not trying to call anyone stupid. just a saying.