First timer Gold Leaf

This gold leaf is now starting to flower after about 17 weeks. I thought that she was an auto flower, then I changed the lighting to 12/12 and now pistils are forming.
This is my first time and hope that she survives!


please resend pictures without the disco lights :green_heart:


I’m not seeing the 8-10 wk harvest time on auto flowers on mine.

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Perfecto !

Here are my Bergman’s Gold Leaf. Day 20 of flower. This is my first post ever on here.
I’ve been growing for almost 2 years. About 75% of all my plants hermie on me. I started buying seeds from ILGM to see if the genetics are better than where I was buying before. These Gold Leaf are looking good so far with no nanners popping up.

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Day 33 of flower.


Please bear with me. I’m new to the forum and doing my best to navigate and post properly. I’m 47 and it takes me a bit longer to figure this stuff out than the younger, tech savvy Folks than me.
Here are 3 more Gold Leaf photo period feminized in veg, getting ready to go into the grownup room (flowering room), here in a couple weeks.

One more pic. I guess I can only post 2 pics in one reply.

FYI, if anyone is curious. The paper plate has tanglefoot on it to catch them little flying bugs. The bugs seem to do no harm.

Oh, I almost forgot. The pics with the ones 33 days into flower, still have no hermies. I’m loving it. Two of the 4 had Leaf Septoria or something and have been handling the stress excellent so far.
This is my first grow with ILGM seeds. After a couple years of buying elsewhere and having most of the plants hermie, I’m just so excited not to see hermies. I think I’m finally dealing with better genetics than what I was. Thank you ILGM!

Those little flying bugs are called fungus gnats and they plague lots of growers. Fungus gnats get their name because they lay their eggs in the soil, the eggs hatch and the larvae eat the fungus in your soil. Once the fungus in the soil has been consumed the larvae will eat your roots. In small numbers you may see no effect.

What you have done is one of the many ways to control them. If you want more info on how to control them you should do a search on fungus gnats. Lots of threads.

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  Thank you CMichGrower. I did more research on fungus gnats. I’ve decided to try the Diatomaceous Earth. Food grade. 
   I just added the Diatomaceous Earth a few days ago and I’m seeing less gnats, just a couple here and there. 
   The plants are Bergman’s Gold Leaf on day 45 of flower. The leaves really took a hit from them darn gnats. I’m surprised the buds look as good as they do. I’m very surprised they didn’t hermie on me, considering all the stress they have been under. This just proves to me that switching over to ILGM for my seeds was the best thing I did. 

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These Gold Leaf are smelling Amazing! The buds look awesome! Just the leaves look horrible. It blows my mind that these plants are so hardy. The plants I grew from the other seed company looked much better and would hermie on me in a second, no hermies on these Gold Leaf, even with all the stress. Plus the buds on these Gold Leaf are bigger than the buds from the other company, even with the stress they’re under. Plus it’s only day 45 of flower. They should put on a little more weight.

I freaked the first two times I grew Goldleaf when the leaves started turning at about week five of flower. I finally realized it was part of the gold leaf genetics and is actually a sign you did it right!

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Is there an issue with my ph? It’s a little high when I measure it. But not too bad.

Oh, I thought I had a fungus gnat problem. To the point the larvae were eating my roots. I used Diatomaceous Earth and sticky traps to combat the gnats. Numbers are way down. Maybe I had a mixture of a gnat problem and the way the leaves change on the Gold Leaf. No matter what, the buds look awesome and smell amazing. If you were to just look at the buds, you wouldn’t even think the leaves would look that bad.
I also have 3 Gold Leaf about a month or so behind the ones that are 45 days into flower. I just transplanted them into their final fabric pot. I also added Diatomaceous Earth to the soil and top dressed them. So I’ll be able to see the 2nd round of Gold Leaf without a gnat problem and see how they do. I guess I won’t be surprised if the leaves start to yellow half way through flower.
Thanks for your knowledge CMichGrower. I’m from Michigan. I’m not going to be nosy and ask where you’re from. But your name suggests Central Michigan. That’s cool if you are.

Welcome mello,

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Mount pleasant, and it’s ok to ask, because if you haven’t noticed, it’s freaking legal now! :+1:t3:

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That’s awesome! I love Mt. Pleasant. I’ve noticed it’s legal, but some people still like to be discreet. I absolutely love it that it’s legal now. I’m 47 and I find myself difficult to believe it’s legal. Lol. I know it’s stupid to think that. But old habits die hard.
It was.nice chatting with you on stuff. I hope to see you on here in other subjects.
I’m very new to this forum and just learning how to navigate through here. Still have a ways to go. Lol